The Non-Blogging Blogger

Yip, that’s me… But in my defense, a lot has happened in the past two weeks and since blogging is new, it’s not really high up on the list. so let me catch you up.

We got a new kitty!! We already have two beautiful furry kids. I’m actually married into the family. Spaz is 5 and Tweak is 7ish I’m told. I was never an animal person. My family had a Siamese cat (Mr Bigglesworth) who was killed in a hit-and-run and we couldn’t go through the hurt of saying goodbye to another furry family member. Of course there was a hamster and some unfortunate goldfish but Mr Bigglesworth was the one.

As I was saying. It took me a while to fall in love with Spaz and Tweak but as with any of these stories, they end up with me having a face full of cat fur kissing cat bellies.

I don’t know how but it was my suggestion to get a new baby. I feel like it was partly because my pet fish plan wasn’t working out and partly because I’m obsessed with having a real baby, maybe a furry baby will be a temporary fix. In that regard I feel like it’s true. I say that because hubby is sitting next to me right now trying to get our little princess to go to sleep.

A friend of a friend had a litter who needed homes and it was love at first sight. Her name is Trinity and it didn’t take her long to become the queen of the house. She seems to have complete power of her new brothers who are more than twice her size and hubby and I are already arguing about who loves her more.

She never walks, she only runs. She hunts everything and pounces on everyone. You aren’t safe and you will be scratched everyday. But when she finally falls asleep on your lap, I promise, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Welcome to the family Trinity.

See videos:




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