Wild Weekends When You’re 30+

So a bestie of mine has come to visit me for the weekend. All our memories of growing up involve debauchery on an unhealthy scale. So naturally all we spoke about this month was the amount of drinking we had to catch up on since it’s been over 2 years since we saw each other.

I was up at 6.30am all pumped up and I picked her up bright and early at the airport. We then went to breakfast for what we refer to as “a decent lining” for the day, followed by a trip to the liquor sto’ to pick up this weekend’s alcoholic beverages. we got home and I cracked two beers and let the epic-ness begin.

You’re probably wondering why I’m blogging amidst all the craziness…

Uhhh, she’s asleep. No, no… Not passed out from drinking all morning… Asleep… Like, a nap… Yes, those things 2 year old’s take.. And me? I’m sipping on a glass of whiskey watching Long Island Medium… Fun times.

Well, we have until Sunday to redeem ourselves. Until then cheers to nap time.

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