The end of an era…

The end of an era...

I guess another thing that happens as you go through your thirties, is growing up. Growing up, I find, means changing and accepting what’s important in your life. I feel like these moments become more and more necessary the older you get but they never get any easier.

A few weeks ago, I was at my tri-annual dentist check up where I was told in no uncertain terms that my tongue ring had loosened two of my bottom front teeth and she suggested I remove it. I was shattered. I stared in the mirror for longest time struggling with one of the biggest decisions in my adult life (I’m a simple woman. Don’t judge). It was with a heavy heart that I ended up taking it out. Actually, I had my husband fight for 20 minutes to take it out but it’s now gone and I while it took me a few days to get over it, I hardly miss it anymore and my dear dad was so ecstatic he had me ship him the barbell so he could frame it. hahaha.

I have since removed two more piercings. My belly button ring and the surface piercing on the back of my neck. The reasons for which I’ll cover in another post. My body looks naked and, honestly, part of me feels less interesting, which is extremely profound. I never thought that this form of expression would be so hard to turn away from. Even though the surface piercing was really annoying as hell and the tongue ring was slowly destroying my grill, they were a part of me and who I am.

I am deeply saddened by this part of growing up but now that I’m almost human I can safely say, I am more than my body jewelry.

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