Oh the Harem!

(found an old post that i neglected to post… )

i was chatting to a friend of mine who i haven’t spoken to in a while and she asked me what’s new? i mentioned that i had recently got a really short hair cut and that i bought 3 guppies (this was a few weeks ago. the fish have all since passed *sad face*). the dull life of an old married lady.

and then she said “wow, you’re really up for trying new things in the US, hey…”

and you know what? she’s right! well, i didn’t realize it, until she said it. i mean, i have the short hair now and i really let it just do what it feels like doing. i’d usually be too afraid to have my hair be too crazy but i’m so happy when it’s a little nuts now.

my bestie’s words really gave me the confidence boost i needed so todaaay, i thought i’d buy a pair of harem pants. i’ve always loved how they look on the tall skinny models. so off i went to h&m and get my new style on. i started small, got a black pair. no need for too much too soon :). i didn’t try them on in the store in case i psyched myself out. but boy was i proud of myself, shopping out of my comfort zone. you go girl!!!

i couldn’t wait to get home and try them on in front of my toughest critic… the husband :). well,  i don’t want to get into the exact exchange of words that followed but it turns out i am neither tall & skinny nor a model and therefore have no business wearing harem pants. I believe the term “poo-catcher” was thrown at some point amidst the tears and hysterics… and something about me looking like a reject from the cast of aladdin…

anyway, my husband agreed with me that the pants were god awful but he said i shouldn’t be so hard on myself and maybe next time i should try the clothes on in the shop before buying them…. lesson learned.

[edit: i had a picture of me wearing the pants but i can’t find it right now…will keep looking, watch this space.]

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