Care Packages

I got this idea from Angela who sent me a lovely package a while ago (Thank you again!!) and I’ve been wanting to do the same and now that I have some down time I can put some energy into giving back.

I’ve taken so much from all of you whose blogs I follow. Strength, hope, knowledge and love. It’s easy to find kinship here and so very thankful for each of you.

I’ve sent a few packages to IVF friends and it brings me a lot of joy to be able to spread a little sunshine. I’ve also received packages from some angels and they always seem to be just what I need.

I understand that some of you want to keep everything private, but if you’re comfortable with sharing your details with me and would like a tiny surprise from time to time please email me your info to

3 thoughts on “Care Packages

  1. What a cute idea! I wish I knew more people IRL who were going through this stuff. Not that I wish it on anyone, of course… but it would be nice to have someone to talk to who didn’t look horrified at my descriptions!

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