I Am


I am a daughter
I still have my mom and dad
I know how lucky I am to say that
I admire my mom’s strength and caring heart
I miss making my dad laugh and his giant hugs

I am a sister
I was an “oopsy” baby
I love being the only girl
I have two older brothers who are my life
I have two older brothers who my everything

I am a sister-in-law
I have the luckiest brothers
I have the awesomest sisters
I love that I can go to them for anything
I love that they made me the best thing in the world…

I am an aunt
I have a niece
I have two nephews
I am absolutely smitten with them
I am so sad that I’m missing them growing up

I am a friend
I am surrounded with love
I am surrounded with support
I don’t know what I would do without my tribe
I don’t know what I did to deserve them

I am a wife
I found love after pain. Deep love
I left everything above for love
I wonder if he comprehends how much I love him
I find it hard to comprehend it myself sometimes

I am a mother
I’m a mother in my heart
I am a mother without a child
I struggle with the fact that I may always be just that, but
I am still fighting. I am tired but still fighting.


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