So I’m a serial dieter. I’ve tried them all and they all suck. Even this one that I’m going to talk about kinda sucks.

After all my dieting I’ve come to realize that diets only work if you’re nuts and don’t enjoy food. Now I may be nuts but I also love food so I’m bound to fail all the time.

I mean there’s so much good food out there. Why are we denying ourselves? Diets make me so angry… But I digress.

If you don’t know what the ketogenic diet is you can do some reading here. But long story short, it’s just eating extremely high fat foods (avocado, dark meat chicken, cheese) and extremely low carbohydrates and moderate protein.

There are variations where you are just low carb and I think I fall somewhere in between when I’m going full on. I would say I’m about 90% keto at home. Meaning I only cook keto but every now and again I’ll buy some non-keto approved food. Like this week I made hot cross buns. I also don’t eat as much fat as most strict keto-ers and I don’t eat as few carbs as them either.

But truth be told, for me, keto works. When I work it, it works. And I’m not overly miserable. I’ve not lost a ton of weight on keto but I feel really good. When I fail then I feel awful. Carbs give me terrible heartburn and I always feel hungover after a binge. And let’s not get started on my tummy troubles.

I know this lifestyle is best for me and to try and keep myself accountable I’ve start a keto account on instagram for some pics. It really helps a lot. I have to post a meal at least 4-5 times a week to feel accountable.


The funny part is that the food pics are such a production. N gets so annoyed because I call him to dinner and then I make him watch as I place everything perfectly and I take a gazillion pics. We’ve eaten more than our fair share of cold meals.

Anyway, again, no real point to this. I just wanted to share some pics from my instagram account. I’ve been getting into it. I’m not professional but I’ve been toying with the idea of taking professional food photography classes. Right now I’m taking pics with my phone and N says I need to work on my backgrounds lol.

But here you go. Some pics from my account.


Valentines day lobster



Cheese platter with flax crackers and halloumi cheese (my heart)



Keto pizza


Keto waffles with bacon and homemade breakfast sausage



Boneless leg of lamb yaaaa’ll



low carb zuppa toscana



Standard keto breakfast



Duck breast with cauliflower puree and cheesy broccoli




4 thoughts on “Keto

  1. Do you follow Tim Ferris or the Bulletproof coffee/diet guy? They have great keto info – if you’re into podcasts they have several on this topic. Anyway, I do keto too when I need a tune up. For me the only thing that works is lifting weights and low carb. Good luck! You’ll find your groove. 🙂

  2. I love halloumi cheese. I’ve never seen it here in the USA. It’s here? Hooray! Thanks for sharing your eats. I find it interesting what people ate before they get pregnant. I’m overdue for posting pics of my eats. Mostly for my documentation purposes. I doubt people are that interested in what I eat.

    • I search high and low for halloumi. I actually found it at the stop n shop in the fancy cheese section. I was going to buy it on Amazon so at least there’s always that option.
      I am very interested in what people eat. I love it lol.

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