Almost there


DAY 10
(Thursday May 2)

Meds: 300iu Gonal-f , 150iu Menopur, 25iu Cetrotide
Notes: estrogen=834.2; LH=2.03; progesterone=0.537; lining=9.5mm; Left Ovary=15.5, 16.6, 10.8, 8.2; Right Ovary=16.2

Has it really been 10 days? This process always goes by so quickly. I wonder if they’ll have me trigger tomorrow night or Saturday. My money’s on Saturday so that they don’t have to do a retrieval on a Sunday lol. Has anyone ever had a retrieval on a Sunday?

Anyway. I have to wake up at 4 in the morning! Good night!


Emotional: Had therapy today. Feeling a little energized
Physical: Headache all but gone. Still very tired.
Food: Leftover Chinese

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