Half Way

I have a saved post that’ll detail my symptoms like last time. I’ll post it next Monday. Spoiler alert: There’s nothing happening that can’t be attributed to progesterone. I hate you progesterone.

I thought I wouldn’t have time to stress about it but I have certainly made time. Sigh.

Emotionally I’m all over the place. I’m glad that I have Friday off but I can’t seem to think of anything fun to do this weekend. I’m tired and grumpy. So so grumpy. And I’m emotional about silly things. Tonight I’m upset that Lucky doesn’t have a bedtime routine.

I know that’s silly because I just got to a place where I’m just happy that he sleeps through and he’s a happy little boy but tonight I’m feeling failure-ish.

I’m sure tomorrow I’ll have something else to be moody about. I wish I could have a glass of wine.

Okay, sorry this was just a half way check in post. Nothing exciting to report. Still alive. Just barely.



11 thoughts on “Half Way

  1. So frustrating. I’m sorry. I’ve been there, I know how much it sucks. Except I wasn’t patient like you, I started POS twice a day starting 3 days after both my FETs. Then I’d squint and find different lighting and obsess over them. Don’t do that to yourself lol. Hang in there, hopefully the weekend goes fast for you!

  2. I know this feeling so well. There’s nothing easy about it, and it’s only natural for the nerves to translate to grumpiness. I know there won’t be news for a little while, but I keep checking in anyway. So hopeful for you!

    And my son doesn’t have a set bedtime routine, either. There’s milk (sometimes while we all watch TV), there’s usually brushing teeth, sometimes I play with his little talking dog toy with him for a while, usually he falls asleep on top of dad and I wait 45 minutes to move him to his Pack n Play… Not exactly a picture of orderliness! But he sleeps and he’s happy — good enough for us 🙂

  3. I feel your pain 🙈. I’m only 4DP5DT today and climbing the walls, I was supposed to be out tonight but just not feeling it. Sending loads of baby dust your way (but obvs keeping some for myself too 🤣). Hang on in there xx

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