2-ish Weeks to go

Still breech.

Every morning I wake up and I rub his little noggen on my left side underneath my boob. A little sad that he hasn’t turned but a little glad that I know exactly where he is and sometimes when I rub he responds and that makes me smile.

My parents arrived on Sunday. It’s really good to have them here but I feel bad that the living arrangements aren’t perfect. Of course they’re fine with everything and it won’t be for much longer but still. We just have to do the floors upstairs then we can start moving things up there but for now they’ve opted to take the blow up mattress in the tv room because they don’t want me sleeping on it. And they’re unable to unpack their suitcases because there’s nowhere for them to put their clothing. But we’re making due. I’m just very happy they’re here.

My appointments yesterday went well enough. As we suspected, he’s fine, he’s just smallish. He’s up to 6lbs (2.72kgs) now which isn’t bad IMO. My parents joined us at the level 2 ultrasound. I warned them that they may not see much because of his position and most of it was just the tech measuring his belly and the femur and his head. She struggled to get his belly because his little knee was pressed into it. I don’t understand how that’s comfortable but I guess they’re just different. She was all business at first but after she got his measurements she actually tried to get us some 3D pics. It wasn’t easy because there were hands and feet in front on his face but we saw a nose and a set of juicy lips and some cheek too. He may only be 6lbs but I think 2 of them are all cheek. My favourite was seeing the little dimples in the knuckles on his fat hands. He’s cute. He’s mine. Wow.

During the 3D scans the high risk OB popped in to say that baby’s doing great and if we’re planning on doing an ECV that we do it at 39 weeks and induce that same day. Then she popped back out. Seems like the best job in the world to me :).

At my OB appointment later that afternoon N came with me. I was really relieved because I felt calm and confident and ready to ask questions about what our final plan is going to be. While the nurse was taking my BP I mentioned the cramps I’ve been having. Oh, btw I’ve been having a lot of cramps. Especially at night. My friends think I’m in early labour which is very exciting to me but the cramps seem to sporadic so I don’t want to get too excited. I timed them last night and they’re really all over the place. Anyway, so I mentioned the cramps and then she had me undress from the waste down so that the dr could do a cervical check.

As I was undressing I told N I didn’t want to do it and I was again disappointed in myself. But these people just tell you to do things seemingly in passing and run away before you can say something. She said “okay since you’re having cramps you can undress, Dr will be in inĀ  a second” and then she was gone. In my mind I didn’t have time to protest. I need people to give me a second to digest what’s going on. Anyway so I sat through the doctor’s visit half naked screaming at myself to say something and thankfully at the end of it she got up to check me and I asked if she really needed to and she said no so I said okay then let’s rather not because I really don’t enjoy them. She said that was fine and that was that. Yay! Go me!

So what we discussed at the visit. When she walked in she said that she had the version scheduled for next Tuesday at 8:30. If he turns successfully then we’ve decided to go home and wait for him to come on his own. If he doesn’t turn we were given the option of going home and waiting for labour to start then we can go in and do the c-section. We also have the option of picking a c-section date if the version isn’t successful. We’re going to go with former right now. There’s also the chance that he goes into distress during the version and if that happens they’ll do an emergency c-section right away but she said she’s never had that happen.

She said that they would give it 3 good tries and if he doesn’t budge then they won’t force it. He seems so comfy cozy I wonder if he will want to move. Either way I’m glad that we have the option to try and I just hope that he’s co-operative.

And that is where we are so far. She also wrote a note getting me off work this week which is a huge relief. I don’t think I would have made it next week. So I only have 4 more days of work left! Woohoo! I actually have a bunch to get through so let me sign off for the week.

Thanks everyone who’s hung around for this ride with me. I appreciate everyone’s kind words and everyone’s positive thoughts and baby turning vibes :). You’re all awesome and I love you for it!