Feed Me, Seymour!

Let’s talk about food!

I’ve always tried to be healthy in preparation for and IVF cycle. I already don’t smoke and I don’t drink coffee or anything with caffeine for that matter. We all know I’m a big drinker but I always quit about a week or 2 before a cycle.

When it comes to food I’ve always tried to keep it low in refined carbs and lately we’ve tried like hell to cut out sugar. I even have a healthy Instagram account to keep accountable and all that.

But there are times when I fall off the wagon and when I fall, I fall hard. And since we’re trying to conceive I feel so guilty. Like guilty to the point where I think the cycle’s already ruined after one burger from Wendy’s or a giant Twix (or both.. You gotta have something savoury after something sweet right?). After the guilt has passed I start to get really angry. Why can everyone who can get pregnant on their own eat anything they want?? Why do I have to be extra healthy? It’s just not fair!!!

And then there’s the question of which diet is the best for fertility? I’ve read that dairy is good. Then I read that dairy is evil and Vegan is the way to go. “It Starts With The Egg” says Mediterranean Diet. Some RE’s say Ketogenic. There’s also Paleo. So I don’t really know what I’m doing. At home I’m about 90% low carb and no sugar (or what I call, Kinda Keto) but if I don’t meal plan or don’t have leftovers for work or that little monster in my tummy wants chocolate, then all bets are off.

After this last failure I went on a complete bender and I really haven’t even exercised. And yesterday I had dirty boxed mac n cheese and a giant Twix and I’m still feeling guilty about it. Did I just fuck up everything? Are these eggs already shit? Who knows.

I think it’s because I don’t buy that there’s a specific diet that’s good for fertility based on the fact there’s so many conflicting stories. Maybe you all can help me out, please. If you’re pregnant from IVF, what did you eat and what food or diet did you think was the golden ticket? And if you’re not pregnant yet, what are you eating in preparation for treatment?

What are your thoughts on fertility diets?



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