One Down

I love soup! That is all. I love cold and rainy days so that I can make soup. I’ve made two this week so far already. I didn’t take pics of the first one but here’s a quick recipe for the one I made today. Honestly, I don’t have exact ratios so just go with your heart :).


Split Pea Soup!


2+lbs of beef. N Likes a bunch of meat in his soup so I got this 4 pack of beef. I would choose a bony, fatty cut. I think I used short rib and shin/shank.
1 package of split peas
1 Beef Stock cube (or 1litre of Beef Stock)
1 Onion
5 Carrots
4 Medium Sized Potatoes
1 Packet of Onion Soup Powder
Lots of water
Salt & Pepper

Rub any spice you’d like on the meat and brown it in a giant pot. Once brown, add the bag of split peas. Mix the beef stock cube with 2 cups of boiling water and add to the peas in the pot. Or just add your beef stock to the peas. Make sure the peas and meat are covered and set it to low and let it softly boil. (If you want a bulkier soup you can add a cup of dry fusilli pasta, barley or even spaghetti broken into thirds at this stage…your call)
Go and watch a 1hr tv show and get up to check the soup during every commercial break. Your peas should be softening up nicely when it’s over. If not then pop on another episode and keep checking during ad breaks and add water if it starts to boil off too quickly. Once your peas are softish you can start grating the carrots and potatoes. My awesome husband bought me a food processor one christmas which I used to grate the vegetables (otherwise I’d be too tired to type this). If you’re grating by hand then perhaps start grating after the first tv show episode.
Add all the grated vegetables to the pot and maybe 2 more cups of water then go ahead and wash the dishes.
When you’re done, mix the onion soup powder with one cup of water and add to the soup.
Keep the soup on a slow boil until the vegetables are soft. Your meat should be awesome and melty now as well.

Serve with some warm Portuguese rolls. I like to add a few teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce. My husband likes his with shredded cheese.


Any day with soup is a good day in my book. And I started BCP’s today so that was pretty cool too. One down… 12 more to go :).