A New Nothing…

first post… wow… anyway, first things first. i do not use capital letters unless it’s really important. if this bothers you, stop reading my blog :).

now what was i saying? oh… i got a new hair cut on tuesday… short… see my before and after pic… i don’t have an intro paragraph about myself. i feel like if i do that you’ll realize how boring my life is and you wont want to read. so i’ll let you in on little snippets as we go along. especially since i don’t know where i’m going with this whole thing anyway…

sooo first little snippet. i am OBSESSED with hair… especially curly hair. i spent most of my life relaxing my hair to the point of no return. i eventually moved to a new country and didn’t know anyone who relaxed their hair to the point of no return and thus began my (as my dear hubby puts it) seriously unhealthy obsession with curls. i am on every curly blog and i spend too much time watching curly hair youtube vids. shut up. i’ve made my peace with it.

so long story short. i put my faith in the internet gods and found a stylist that would remove my nasty straight ends and reveal to me how beautiful my curls can be.

enter richard of the jon richard salon. a saint of a man who never took of his blazer all through the process. washing, cutting and styling. i knew it was a match made in heaven when he sat me down, stared at my hair with a furrowed brow and started asking about my routine and giving hair advice left right and center. if ever i wanted to kiss a man other than my husband, this would be it.

suffice it to say, he is my new hair stylist. i love him and i want him to be my future child’s god father. i have never been this happy about my hair. it feels great. so great, in fact, that i woke up early the next morning and went to the gym before work. so great, that i finally, after months of talk talk talk, started my very own blog about nothing.

so great… so great…

but this is NOT a hair blog 🙂


Image   that’s richard… he is awesome

 Image  before…

Image  after…

i have a bazillion gajillion hair pics. so you’ll definitely see more. but it’s 12am and i’m tired. been buzzfeeding all evening. gotta love friday nights.


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