Dreams Do Come True

yesterday was a 3 chocolate kinda day. i shamefully ate a twix, caramello bar and a three muskateers bar… in the space of an hour. pms has been getting worse since I took myself off birth control. yes, I have been known to be a tad dramatic, but dagnabbit I wanted chocolate okay.

when i got home i climbed into bed next my husband who was concentrating on something on the computer. i began whining about how tough my day was and how much the world hates me. i can’t keep my fish alive. i was so tired. i still had to cook dinner and the kitchen was (and still is) gross. i was cramping and bloated and i hated myself for skipping the gym this morning. wah wah wah.

my angel said he’d hook dinner up (heat up left overs) and suggested i go lay on the couch and catch up on all the chelsea lately i missed last week. what a saint. i felt bad for a split second when i remembered he’s been battling with a severely herniated disc in his lower back and hasn’t been able to walk properly for over a month. the couch was really comfy though and the blankets, so toasty.

tit bit number 2… i love chelsea handler. i wish we were friends. in my head i believe we are friends. she always seems to brighten my day and last night was no different. in the midst of their hilarious banter on the round table, chelsea read a headline that, if it comes into being, will be the single greatest thing to happen to my tummy since cheese.


now i know it isn’t here yet but in times like these i simply have to quote joey tribiani … “if you want something bad enough and your heart is pure, wondrous things can happen!”


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