What’s this blog about anyway?

I think maybe I’ve found a point for this here blog. Something relatively worth following. Mostly I honestly have nothing going on. But as I sit down and think about it, I do have “dreams and aspirations”. Things I enjoy doing and things I’d like to achieve. Things that are personal that might be therapeutic to share. And all I really want in a blog is to have tabs running across so that all of my utterings are neatly organized :).

So… what are the topics I will be discussing in the upcoming … uh, rest of my life?

1. Making a baby
Yip, we’re trying to get pregnant. And when I say “we”, I mean me. The hubster is still on the fence. Now some might say that these decisions need to be made as couple and I while agree, both of us are knocking on 32’s door and the time really is now (or at least before I’m 35). I’m on month 4 of no birth control and everyone around me is pregnant so, while we’re not seriously trying, I am getting increasingly anxious and it’s always been my dream to have children. Follow me as I describe what it’s like to attempt to get pregnant when you’re 31.

2. Losing weight
Boooriiiing… I might actually change it to “My fight to quit drinking in an effort to fit into this pair of jeans I have hanging in my closet that, I swear, fit me a few weeks ago… How did I get this fat?!… FML“.

3. House Renovations
This one I’m actually excited about and should’ve done ages ago. Hub and I are adding an extra bathroom and master bedroom upstairs and we’re doing it all by ourselves. And by “ourselves” I mean “himself” because I mostly just whine about how heavy everything is. I also make sure there’s always an ice cold beer on hand. renovating is thirsty work.

4. My Past
I really want to document stories of my university days and more importantly stories of the guys I used to date and ones my friends dated. We always have a great laugh and I want to try my hand at getting those laughs on “paper”…. names will be changed to protect the parties involved 🙂

And that’s what you (and I) can expect from me… But until then, it’s time for a beer!!!

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