That Time I Went Vegan For A Month

ImageI’m a quitter… I think you can tell by how awesome I am at blogging. I tend to start things in an attempt to achieve something that is extremely important to me at the time, I’m headstrong and diligent for two weeks, and then when I’m over it, I quit.

There was the time I tried vegetarianism for a month. Bacon was my downfall on the 2nd weekend of cooking breakfast for the hubby and myself. I still maintain that in order to cook bacon you have to taste it… and boy, did I taste it.

Then there was the time I did a double whammy and quit men and then, three weeks later, quit drinking forEVER for the exact same reason any single 28 year old who’s had bad luck with men and alcohol would! I quit quitting men first, after a month (yay me) when I met my awesome husband and I promptly quit drinking a week after we met because I love alcohol too much and I wanted him to know the real me. But mostly because I love alcohol too much.

So here I sit on day 2 of my new challenge. I’m going Vegan for a month. I bought a vegan cookbook (pictured above), we ate all our left over meat (bacon wrapped steak with a side of bacon) and I stocked the fridge with vegan friendly produce. Right now I’m still feeling strong. I got a bit sad earlier today, when I saw a Burger King coupon book on my desk at work but that’s been the most difficult test so far. It makes it easier that I’ve roped hubster into this. I’ll stay out of his dietary life when we’re away from each other at work but there will not be meat/dairy/egg products in this house until I’m ready to quit… I mean until Halloween.

So why are we going vegan you may or may not have asked? There’s no real deep meaning here. I guess I’m not 100% happy with my weight and general squishiness (as are most women I know) so I definitely need a change in that regard. What I really want to do is try a few different diets that people swear by and see which one I can deal with. I don’t really know what I’m getting into so I’m doing research as I go along. So I’ll make it interesting by tracking my weekly weight and energy levels and all that fun stuff and perhaps a weekly dinner menu too. I’ve taken pics but I have the worst camera phone in the world and no photography skills so we’ll see how that goes.

Here are today’s measurements (It starts on day 2 but we’ll assume they’re starter measurements):

Weight: 123.3 lbs
Waist: 29 in
Arms: 11in
Ass: 40.5 in (yes yes yes… shut up)
Thighs: 22.5in
Energy Level: Relatively upbeat
Notes: I’m noticing today that my fingers feel fat. It might not mean anything though. My fingers are probably just not used to blogging.

This week’s dinner menu (pre-planned but plans often change):
Monday: Boca chick’n spicy veggie patties on 12 grain bread (still not sure which bread is Vegan, forgive me) with earth balance began margarine (OMG LOVE), lettuce, avo and Veganaise (OMG LOVE EVEN MORE).

Tuesday: Beanballs (meatballs made with kidney beans) with spinach linguine (Vegan? Not sure) and marinara sauce.

Wednesday: Eggplant stew

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Not sure yet but it’s not going to be our usual Domino’s Pizza night… come on! You can do this!!!

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