Follicle Watch: Episode 2

Quality over quantity… Don’t focus on the goal and enjoy the journey… Must remember these words.

Today we’re on 6 follicles measuring between 9 and 10mm. Still no symptoms to speak of. They’re upping Gonal F from 225 to 300 until Sunday. My clinic is over an hour away but thankfully there’s a satellite office 30min away on my way to work, but they’re closed on a Sunday so I’m going to be making that trek in the early hours this weekend.

Was feeling a little down trodden with the numbers, I thought this was gonna be a breeze because I had 20 antral follicles at my very first ultrasound. Anyway, I had a giant burrito at lunch to make up for all the alcohol I can’t drink so I’m feeling sleepy and happy again.

Hope everyone’s having a good Halloween and you all have fun plans. We have a party tomorrow but tonight we’re not entertaining trick or treaters. I didn’t get anything or even decorate so we’re turning out the lights and hiding in the bedroom. We rented Deliver Us from Evil. Hope it’s a goodie. I love me some scary movies.


6 thoughts on “Follicle Watch: Episode 2

  1. Alright Big Six, let’s go! I’m sure it is very disappointing to go from 20 to 6, but you seem to have a really good attitude about it. As everyone in the world says (sorry for even saying it again), it only takes one! It really does though–only one! Did your doc say why you might have gone from 20 follicles at your first ultrasound to 6 now? What protocol are you on? Were you on BCP before starting? Sorry, I started following you only recently–I should go back and look at old posts. Anyway, I am sending you and those six follicles all my best thoughts!

    • Thank you for following. It really means a lot :)! I’m on the antagonist protocol, I believe. Was on bcp’s for 10 days. Well, the 20 follicles was like way back in July when we first met with our RE maybe it was a fluke haha. Whenever I ask if I should be worried she keeps saying everything is right on track. Thanks for the thoughts, I hope everything’s going well with your journey xx

      • I’m on the antagonist, too (or will be soon!). Last cycle I kind of had the same deal as you–I started out with 20 follicles, but then at my baseline after birth control I only had 6! I also had a cyst, which didn’t help anything and ended up canceling the cycle. My doctor said that I might have been over-surpressed from the birth control. Ten days isn’t very long, though, so that’s probably not what happened with you. I think the important thing is that your doctor said you are right on track! From what I’ve read, the antagonist protocol is supposed to encourage quality over quantity, so I bet these 6 follicles will all turn into tip-top quality embryos. 🙂

  2. IVF can be unpredictable! I agree that you have to think about quality first. Women who have very high numbers sometimes do not have the best mature egg counts or quality. Hope this cycle sticks!

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