I’m alive!

Just doing a quick pop in. I’m following everyone’s stories closely but we haven’t had a break since we landed to comment or send well wishes. but i hope everyone is doing well in blog world.
we’ve seen so many friends and family and only 2 people asked me when we’re going to have kids. I was happy to use my “you go first”  line :).
the wedding was amazing and all out of towners have finally left so we’re spending the day with my parents, if i can get off the couch.
tomorrow we take a 7hr drive to my home town to see some more family and friends.
my new nephew is absolutely amazing (8 months) . he’s obsessed with his mom now so i had to trick him into letting me hold him but he warmed up to me eventually. the other two (my other brother’s son and daughter, 5 and 4 yrs)  are so cool now and we’re definitely best friends. it’s weird but they don’t make me mourn not having my own baby. i think the fact that we share the same blood line makes me feel not so alone.
anyway, apologies for the bad punctuation. I’m on my phone. I hope everyone in blog land is doing well. one more week until home time.

[edit: pics removed for anonymity]

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