Thank you!!

I gained a new follower today and just realized I have 63 followers. I’m amazed that 63 people find what I have to say remotely interesting and I am humbled and honoured that you all are following my story.

Just wanted to say a very big, huge, gigantic thank you for reading these ramblings and I wish nothing but awesomeness for all of you in 2015. Whether it be your dreams coming true or if not, then learning and growing from each fall. That’s the point anyway, right? Learning and growing?

Funny story. I had a thing about uneven years. Since I finished high school everything bad that happened to me happened in an uneven year. Breakups mostly but that’s all that mattered to me back then. And everything awesome happened in the even years. I had 2 very significant heart breaks in 2007 and 2009. The 2007 one broke me. But I moved out on my own and bought my first car in 2008 and I met my husband and moved to America in 2010. You can imagine my dread on new years eve in 2011. I was convinced that our relationship would end somehow, despite there being nothing wrong. I just knew that this curse was looming once again. And as the clock struck midnight while we were walking around Providence my prince got down on one knee and proposed and like that, my uneven year curse was lifted. We also got married later that month and again in July and again in October so for me 2011 was perfect. My friend actually mentioned to me when we announced our engagement that the curse had finally lifted.

When I think about my luck since then, I realize that while those significantly bad things happened to me on uneven years I was probably so focused on them that I missed that good things. Granted, 2007 was the worst year of my life, I did, at the end of it, grow closer to my friends and family. My brothers and I became really close that December and I was so surrounded by love that the rest of the year almost didn’t matter. And in ’09 before I had my heart broken again that year was magnificent. It was the year I learned to be single and love it. I learned to be an almost perfect me and I think these lessons led me to be open to a new love in 2010 when I met my love, finally. I could have said that the curse swapped to even years because we found out we can’t have children naturally in the beginning of this year but we also found out we can have children through the miracle of science and that’s just as good. We also found out we have 1 little fighter blastocyst and that really made my year. nuff said.

I don’t fear 2015 and neither should you. I know there are so many unknowns but I’m ready. I have my love with me and I have the support of my family and friends and you guys. So thank you for that. A big fat, huge, gigantic thank you.


4 thoughts on “Thank you!!

  1. Oh my gosh I have the SAME THING about odd/even years!!! Even years are always SO good to me (graduated from college, graduated with my master’s degree, got engaged, got married, all in even years!) and odd years are always prime for something terrible to happen. SOOOOO hoping 2015 breaks the curse! Good luck to you and Happy New Year!

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