Quick happy update

Hi Everyone

I’m finally back from holiday and also I’m 3 days into my new job. The trip was beyond fantastic and also very difficult at times. I’ll write more about that in the future. In the States I think I’ve had it easy. Back home every single one of my friends has at least one child. I think if I lived at home I wouldn’t make it out of bed most days. I loved being around the kids, it was so refreshing but going home to a quiet bedroom with just my thoughts proved overwhelming more often than not.

But I don’t want to get into that now. The weddings were sooo beautiful and perfect. It was so great seeing everyone and spending time with my parents. This is the most time I’ve spent with them and it was awesome. I keep thinking of how much all 3 of us cried at the airport and I get all choked up. It gets harder and harder to leave every time. My nephews and niece are perfect. I couldn’t get my new nephew to love me though. 1 year olds are tough. But he’s so funny, like his dad (my brother), I can’t wait for him to start talking. He babbles uncontrollably has full on conversations with you but it’s all babbling. I love it. The other two are to die for. So loving and always free with the hugs. I couldn’t get enough of them. I have to stop because I have other stuff to talk about.

So this new job is pretty awesome! I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot riding on my shoulders. I was hired to back up the technology director and he says a lot or things like “I’m the only one who has access, but you’ll have access now”, which is exciting and a little nerve wracking. And the fact that I completely blanked on how to calculate Average in Excel probably didn’t look too good.

Everyone is really nice. It’s a complete change from my old company where I was the oldest in the crew by about 5-10 years. I think I’m the youngest in the little basement office by about 5-10 years now. My only gripe is that it is fuh-reezing down there. I bought all this summer professional clothes for work and I’m still wearing old winter not-so-much professional clothes. In the summer, I guess you don’t have to dress up.

What else? Oh, the hours are 7-3 and when school starts, 7-3:30. I still can’t believe it, so I hang around til about 3:10 to make sure no one was kidding about that. I’m used to getting home at 7. And of course, the best part, I just signed up for BCBS insurance. I think it’s already kicked in, I’m just waiting for my card so I can send the info to the clinic. The infertility coverage is beyond anything I could have dreamed of. I never knew how luckily/blessed I am to be living in a state that has mandated infertility coverage. I can’t get over it. I am bit worried about these hours and taking time off for monitoring appointments since they’re always at 7:30 and I still have that pesky hysteroscopy looming over me. But really, I’m going to try and not think about that stuff for now.

Now, in an attempt to be a better blogger and now that I have more free time. I have to start thinking about stuff to blog about. I keep saying this, but my life is so dull now but I spoke to N and we both agree that we should pick something to do over the weekends and then do them. That should give me something to blog about. Also, I have a few posts I want to make about our supplement regimen and then I want to bring back Sunday Smiles and my Track of the Week.

Okay, I have to go now. I’m doing trying this buzzfeed clean eating challenge for 2015. I’ve already failed because we had ice cream for dinner on Monday but I have a fridge full of healthy greens so I’m going to be better. I’ll post some pics of the meals I’m making. I always enjoy peoples food pics.

And with that, I’ll leave you. Sorry this post was a bit all over the place and a bit self indulgent. I’m just really happy right now and more so about the actual job. The infertility stuff is just icing on a very delicious cake… oh man, now I want cake. I hate cleanses. I really do. I’m not going to do them anymore.

For some reason my laptop is slow so I can’t upload some pics but here are the 2 most important anyway.

[edit: picture removed for anonymity]

[edit: picture removed for anonymity]

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      • Oh god no. But we felt better (after the first week of non-carb induced rage wore off), and we ate better. The 2015 plan seems a lot better because it actually has options that seem less time-consuming to cook. It was a relief to be done with it, but we also sort of missed how much better we ate on it and it was nice to eat in much more, when we constantly go out to eat.

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