Vitamins and Supplements for Him

As you know, we’re dealing with MFI and I feel like we may not be able to do much to get his count up we can at least do what we can to improve the quality. Again, I’ll just put out there that you shouldn’t take any of these without talking to your doctor first. Let’s begin shall we?



This stuff is supposed to be the bee’s knees. It’s attributed to help with sperm formation, maturation, count and motility. Right now he’s on 1000mg a day but I think we should be upping this.



This is an antioxidant that protects against sperm damage and helps with motility. My only worry with this is that it’s said that motility drops sharply if you stop taking l-carnitine.



This is another big dog. Helps with motility, morphology and sperm density. Yeah more of that! He’s taking 200mg

Vitamin D


Helps with sperm cell development and maintains semen quality and it boosts testosterone. I have him on 2,000iu per day.

Vitamin E


Said to be beneficial during ICSI for IVF. Uh, yes please.

Vitamin C


Antioxidants yo!! This stops free radicals from destroying sperm.

Vitamin B12


This is said to be good for DNA maturatioin and duplication and general sperm health. He’s on 100mg a day.

Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc


Everywhere I look I see how important zinc is for fertility. I’ve also read that too much is bad. So I’ve got him on 25mg a day with this supplement. Calcium helps the sperm penetrate the egg and gives the sperm its energy. Magnesium helps you absorb calcium if I’m not mistaken so best to take them together.



This one helps reduce sperm abnormalities. Read my previous post on why I’m choosing folate over folic acid. 400mcg a day.

Fish Oil


This helps with general sperm quality. He’s taking 2,400mg as well.

I think that’s it for him. I’ve read that selenium is good for male and female infertility but I read that it’s toxic if you have too much and that enough of it can be found in brazil nuts and eggs so I’m a little wary to take a supplement for it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you have anything you think I should add or remove or anything or if you have any other tips.

Here are some sites I found some info on.–male-fertility.html–vitamins-that-can-he

16 thoughts on “Vitamins and Supplements for Him

  1. One question, none of these supplements are available in food form? It must be so hard chugging down so many pills. Also do any of the pills have to not be mixed with anything else condition? or to be taken after food/before food etc?
    This is an impressive list, great work!

    • Most of them are available in food form but I feel like I want to get more bang for my buck as I’m not sure how much spinach we need to eat a day to get all the folate and zinc we need. He struggles with the amount of pills so he breaks it up. The arginine, cartinine, ubiquinol and b12 he takes in the morning with cereal and then the rest in the afternoon with a big meal because he says it makes him nauseous otherwise. I can take all of mine in one go in the morning, though.

  2. Oh MFI, thanks for your list. My husband doesn’t like taking pills. Period. So he is only tolerating certain ones from me. He is taking Folate and Vitamin D. I tried to get him to take Zinc and he won’t do it. He claims he tastes the metal and he doesn’t like it. Oh well. Good job and good luck! I hope that you see an improvement in counts!

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