LINK: How To Support Someone Going Through IVF

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I VERY much agree with all of these suggestions! What I wouldn’t give for those who know what we’re going through to just ask if I want to talk about it and not pretend it doesn’t exist. I told you for a reason and the fact that you’re ignoring the elephant in the room is REALLY annoying! Also, DON”T ASK ME WHEN IT’S ALL GOING TO HAPPEN! If we can abide by these rules, then I’m all about sharing what I’m going through.  This is all I ask.

Don’t Ignore the Elephant

Your friend may not want to talk about what’s going on, but at least ask her how she’s doing and see if she wants to talk. If she says she doesn’t want to talk about it, then leave her be, but ignoring the topic altogether is uncomfortable and makes your friend feel as if people are too…

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2 thoughts on “LINK: How To Support Someone Going Through IVF

  1. Totally agree! I have a good friend going through IVF now and I made her a TWW care package of trashy magazines, a date night gift card, pampering things (foot scrub, face mask, candle) and even included adult coloring books. Sending cards in the mail too are perfect! Great post!

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