Pre-Game Jitters

After a few hiccups this morning, I’m all set for my hysteroscopy tomorrow. For some reason they hadn’t received my referral from my pcp so I had to make a few calls but we got it sorted out but then I spent the rest of the morning freaking out about the procedure.

I think I’m okay now. I did the obligatory shaving. I even tried a shower beer. Recommended to me by a good friend and Buzzfeed. I think I might be to old for a shower beer. I wasn’t sure if I should wash myself then drink or vice versa. I felt like there should be music. I don’t know. If anyone does this please help.

Hubby’s working late so I’m comfortably under the covers munching on non-keto snacks (chocolate biscuits/cookies and sweets/candy lol) and reading Gone Girl.

The crazy fog from this morning has lifted and now I just want it over and done with. I obviously really don’t want there to be any polyps or worse but if there is anything… then there is.

I finally caught up to a gazillion blogs over the weekend. I’m pleased everyone is doing well and journeys are progressing. You are all rockstars. Don’t forget it.

Have a good evening everyone xxx.


24 thoughts on “Pre-Game Jitters

  1. I am a big fan of shower beers. I typically take breaks throughout the shower to drink the beer re: your “drink before or after cleaning” question. The procedure won’t be nearly as bad as your imagination. I hope they don’t find anything. If they do find a polyp, will they remove right then so you don’t have to wait? I loved Gone Girl. I’m currently reading another book by that author, Dark Places. It’s gory, but I can’t put it down. Good luck tomorrow!

    • Yay, I love all these tips. and I love that so many people do shower beers. I’m about to post about the procedure. But it went well :). I have Dark Places, I’m going to read it next. She writes so well, I’m very impressed!!

  2. 1. HIIII!!!!!!
    2. I love shower beers. I’m more of a sip between steps kind of girl…wash hair, sip. Condition hair, sip. Shave one armpit, sip. Etc. I had a shower wine on Saturday and it was glorious except I had to leave it on the sink so it didn’t fill with hot water and having to constantly reach out for it got annoying.
    3. Good luck with the hysteroscopy!!!!

    • Hellooo!!! So good to hear from you!! I hope you and dad and little Anabelle are doing well (I love that name and she’s such a little cutey!) And yay! I’m definitely going to try another shower beer. Thanks for the tips.
      Thank you! it went really well!! Got the go ahead to start next cycle :).

  3. I don’t drink, so I have absolutely no idea what a shower beer is, but I hope you enjoyed it! Good luck with your procedure tomorrow!! I hope they don’t find anything, but if they do I hope it’s something they can take care of for you! Try to get some rest πŸ™‚

  4. Is this an American thing?! I’ve never heard of it, and we Brits like to drink in ALL situations! πŸ™‚ I would feel worried that I’d get shower gel in my beer, but then I don’t seem to have mastered the art of living just yet! Hope your hyst goes well tomorrow/today! X

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