Phase II

The hysteroscopy was all clear. I won’t bore you with the painful details but it was a fun morning actually. My friend, B, drove me there. The Valium made me whoozy and didn’t really take the pain away but, for future reference for myself, the whole thing lasted, litereally,10 seconds. I counted. So I felt very sheepish for yelling and begging him to stop. Our RE did the procedure so I was able to touch base with him again and go over the cycle which was nice.

I also met with my nurse and mentioned to her that my butt was itchy from the progesterone shots and I had welts and was still not 100% a few weeks after the fact. She said that that’s absolutely not normal and that she would put in another order for progesterone in ethyl oleate instead. I’d already ordered 3 new sesame oils so that was a waste. And Insurance doesn’t cover the ethyl oleate one so that was even more fun. It was only $50 a pop so not the end of the world. I have the vials now and the liquid is nice and thin and the needles are thinner so I’m happy with the change. I just hope I don’t get a reaction to this.

My baseline scan was on Friday. Everything is hunky dory and I started phase 2 (estrace and asprin) on Friday after work. I checked my calendar and my transfer date looks to be April 5th. I’ll confirm on Tuesday when I go in for my next blood work appointment.

It’s been an awesome weekend (despite the period from hell) and I’m very excited about this cycle. I can’t believe it’s going so quickly. On Friday we went to see The Lion King finally. It’s been on my bucket list for years and I shed a mini tear during the opening song.

Then yesterday B took me to a butcher. It might not sound exciting but I was telling her how I miss some obscure food from home that I can’t seem to find at the super markets (leg of lamb, oxtail, tongue, tripe and trotters) so she took me to the Portuguese market and I found everything besides the leg of lamb. I found a boneless leg of lamb at another market. I was so happy. So so happy. We then kept driving around the hood and went to a bakery to get some meat pies and cannolis. Then we went to the mall and we each ended up buying a pair of diamond earrings at a Sears closing down sale. They were 95% off so a decent bargain but we probably still over paid. We consoled ourselves by saying that our husbands each bought the Nintendo Switch so we deserved this. Such a fun day.

I should wrap this up since I have the leg of lamb and some other stuff going in the oven. So today I’m excited about the cycle. I should probably start prepping my body and stuff. Eeek!!

Happy Sunday everyone.




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