It’s not my favourite thing in the world. But it does happen and we do have to roll with it.

Not sure if I’ve mentioned before that my clinic is merging with another one. I had heard that the other clinic was going to close and move into our clinic. Even that change made me uncomfortable. Like when you hear you’ll be getting new roommates that you didn’t sign up for.

This morning I found out, unceremoniously, that my clinic is the one closing and moving. No psychiatrists on hand to help with the transition. No hugs. Just a lousy piece of paper from the nurse before she stabs my arm. A perfect metaphor, if you ask me.

Granted it’s only one exit further and (from a very extensive Google maps stalk) the building looks bigger,ย but still. No hand holding. No group sessions.

They’ll be doing appointments, blood work, ultrasounds and IUI’s at the new location and all transfers and retrievals will be done at the clinic that we merged with. That means that my little embryo is going on its first road trip without me. Again, this location is about 2 exits closer so it’s really not a big deal and from what I’ve read, they move embryos and samples between the two locations all the time so our “precious cargo will be in good hands”.

I had my last blood draw at my clinic this morning and I was gobsmacked I didn’t get a chance to come to terms with it and I have to go back on Saturday to the new clinic. I’m not mad, I just feel like the rug has been pulled out from under me. I need preparation and coddling for these things. Maybe some signs on the walls to give us fair warning. Maybe a referendum so we have some choice in the matter. But nope… just a piece of paper and a fcuk you.

Anyway, I’d like to thank you all for stopping by and reading this week’s dramatic performance by yours truly. I’m fine now. I just needed to whine a bit.

15 more sleeps!

10 thoughts on “Change

  1. That is so weird and unprofessional! A piece of paper? Ugh! That said, the embie transfer will be A-ok! We transferred our envies ourselves, strapped into the back of our car, and all was well.

    • It is weird! But whatever, thank you, that makes me feel better. I have visions of all the embryos they move falling off the back of truck and rolling down a hill. hahahaha. I need a massive chill pill.

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