We made it to transfer day! Although everything was different, it went off without a hitch and I am now heavy one 3b grade embryo.

So we were at a different clinic so that took some getting used to. At my old clinic we had to get there an hour before, we were offered valium and it just seemed more personal and calm relaxed. The waiting area was smaller and I knew the nurses and the doctors. It was familiar.

I didn’t know anyone at this new place. They were perfectly nice. Very kind, but everything happened so quickly. Got signed in then we’d barely sat down when someone came to get us to fill out some paper work. Then back to the waiting room. I was just about to update my family and friends when they came to get us again for go time. They separated N and I so that I could go in and change. I came in and greeted everyone and by the time I sat down the embryologist was already there checking my wrist band. Quick as a flash the speculum was in and the embryologist was back with the embryo and 3 seconds later I was implanted. And that was that. I think N and I only locked eyes and spoke to each other once when we saw the white speck on the ultrasound. I asked for a picture of the embryo but they said they couldn’t do that. I’m not sure why. Could it be because of the move they didn’t have all the tech set up? I’m going to have to ask about that because I’m very sad I don’t have a picture.

When we went back to the waiting room it kept playing on my mind. Why no picture? What if there is no embryo in me? How am I going to stress out and do comparisons of other embryos if I don’t know what mine looks like?

The cool thing about the new clinic is that they have acupuncture on site. Usually they do before and after sessions but my transfer was too early to do a before (which is BS but whatevs). But I did an after session and it was just what I needed I think. I felt really good and calm afterwards.

And then we went home.

My beta is set for next Saturday. I bought a bunch of Wondfo tests from Amazon, you know, just to torture myself some more. I know I said I’ll never test again but the memory of the crushing phone calls is still fresh so I have to decide if I want to rip the Bandaid off first.

So all in all, it was a good, quick transfer. No hiccups. It was essentially perfect. But both N and I agree that we’re not big fans of the new clinic. Let’s attribute this to our not really being ready for the change.

But hey, if all goes well we won’t have to go back there for a really long time and I’m not mad at that.

Thank you thank you, everyone for keeping fingers and toes crossed and saying prayers. So far so good.

25 thoughts on “D-Day

  1. If it makes you feel better my clinic’s processes are very swift like you describe your new one. I’ve always thought it was strange to offer Valium because it’s all over pretty fast and usually painlessly. I didn’t realise some clinics faff about so much more! 😀 My embryologist only shows me a pic of the embryo if I ask in advance. I think they have to put it under a special camera microscope to do so and if they’ve already loaded the embryo onto the implement that puts it in I think they can’t really go backwards from there. Trust in the process though as it sounds like everything went just to plan. Your future baby could be snuggling in there all comfy like already!! How exciting!!

  2. I’ve never heard of a clinic not giving a picture before! I would be heartbroken. I’m glad it went well otherwise! Crossing everything I have for you!!

  3. So sad they didn’t give you a pic! My transfer was the 4th and I also bought a million tests because I want to know before “the phone call” if possible 😬

      • Low back pain, headaches and tired (but progesterone) so who knows but the back ache is new I tested yesterday (knew it was too early) and I will test again tomorrow! ☺I definitely want to know before I have to wait for my beta result we’d either way I feel better if I have a warning ⚠️

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