Gosh, I’m only on E and struggling already. I apologize for this lame post

Holidays always make me homesick for obvious reasons. I’m big on traditions and I’m also big on food. Holiday traditional food? Oh man.

But Easter is not that bad actually as far as homesickness is concerned. Sure, I miss going home for the long weekend and mom making big Easter lunch and me and dad eating hot cross buns and pickled fish until it comes out of our ears, but it’s not as bad as Christmas.

The only thing that made it hard for me is that the hot cross buns here are so not the same and pickled fish is non existent. It’s like no one thinks fish, onions, curry and vinegar go together and is absolutely delicious. 🙂

I used to lie around on Easter feeling very sorry for myself. But one year I just thought, eff it, and got the pickled fish recipe from Mom and I decided to make hot cross buns from scratch. I flopped hard on the buns at first. And at second… and at third.

I did get them right eventually. On my 4th Easter I mastered both dishes. I was the Easter queen.

While all this was going on, every Easter we went to my mom-in-law’s place for brunch. She always made a ham (My favourite!) and all of us kids got Easter baskets. Creatively made and filled with chocolate.

As you all know, I’m resistant to change so it took me a while to warm up to American Easters and I have to say now that American Easters are pretty darn great. I mean, there’s ham, family time and chocolate. What more could I want? And my mother-in-law really put a lot of effort into those baskets. Combine all of that with homemade hot cross buns and pickled fish. Girrrrrl.

This Easter is going to be different, though. Our beta is on Easter Saturday so there’s that. We’re likely going to miss brunch because we might be away that weekend (we should probably find a place to go to, huh?). I’m still going to make my buns and fish but either way, it’s going to be very different.

Let’s hope it’s a good different.


10 thoughts on “Easter

  1. I hope you have a fabulous Easter! My family is not religious, so Easter always just meant candy for me lol. Now with C, I already have a basket for her with some cute little stuff that I got today. I know she won’t get it, but whatever! I also found a nice ham on sale today, so I guess we’ll have ham dinner as well!

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