Yikes! I was just about to doze off. 

We’re doing our normal Friday routine. Take out. 2 redbox movies. 1 tv show afterwards which I fall asleep  through. 

Ths only thing missing is alcohol. 

I don’t have anything exciting to report. I had a long post planned about my family but I can’t keep my eyes open. I’ll try to fit them in another one. 

I cried at work today. Not because I’m on day 2 of a roller-coaster of emotions. It was because I watched a 20mim documentary the video production students made. 

Last year a student at the school died at a party. I believe it was alcohol related. We weren’t given too many details. Since then, the school has been very active in drug and alcohol prevention and education. They have meetings and trainings and they screened a movie about drugs this passed week. 

Today the vice principal sent an email with a documentary. Teachers were to show it in class and students were asked  to be sensitive to its content. 

It was about one of the automotive teachers. His father was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver. His father was a teacher at another high school and the drunk driver was a student at that school. He was the kid’s coach. 

It was heartbreaking. In the documentary the teacher took a group of kids to the site of the accident and to his mom’s house,  just walking through the night that his father was killed and what affect its had on him and his family. At the end he obviously broke down telling a story about a road trip he’d taken with his dad and brothers. 

I was emotionally drained afterwards. I thought I’d recovered when I left work then I remembered that they said they left his father’s car parked in front of the school. I broke down again as I drove by it. 

Sorry if I’ve depressed you on the weekend. I just thought I’d share. 

Okay, to uplift you. I saw the automotive teacher in the hallway after and he was surrounded by students. Surrounded. They were all laughing and joking around. I could tell that he felt the love. I sure did. 

2 thoughts on “Fridays 

  1. Watching that would make me break down! I’m so anti-drinking and driving that my friends know if they go out and do anything even remotely dumb they will get an earful from me. In my late teens, a good friend from high school had died while drinking and driving. His life ended far too soon. I think it’s important for kids these days to see stuff like this and to think about their choices.

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