Thought’s on Lucky Bean’s Gender

I’m sorry that I seem to just be doing P updates and I sincerely apologize if this bring any of you any pain. I am trying to live in the moment but it’s not been easy as I still feel like I’m in a very terrible TWW so I’m still in turmoil most days.

I even bought a doppler yesterday. It’s supposed to come a few days before our OB appointment, which is a torturous 3 weeks away, June 9th. I went with a new clinic since my regular OB doesn’t do prenatal care :(. The doctor I chose delivered my friend, B’s son and I like the look of her. I hope to not use the doppler, though. I’m just trying to trust the process.

But on to gender news. The nurse from the clinic sent us the gender in a letter on some sticky notes that I’ll have to remember to frame or at least put somewhere safe since the envelope is just on the dining room table waiting for a cat to destroy it.

Now I know we all have gender preferences, even if it’s slight. I know we all, as infertiles, want to be altruistic (not sure if that’s the correct word) and just so grateful for the opportunity but I know, for me personally, I always had a preference for a boy.

For no good reason, mind you. I think mostly because I was a nightmare growing up and I didn’t want my chickens coming home to roost :). Silly right?

So when we found out the embryo transferred is male I was over the moon! So over the moon that I allowed myself to put some baby boy clothes in my H&M shopping cart. We’ll save the actual buy for much later on.

Then over the next couple days all the little girls in my life just became extra cute and funny. Not that they weren’t before, of course, it was just story after story that made me think about not having a girl.

First, we went out to dinner with our friends who have a 3yr old girl who is extremely verbose and hilarious. She’s in the honest phase too which is always funny. Her dad told us that he was walking around the house without a t-shirt on and she looked at him and said “Daddy you have yucky fur”. She also gives him a hard time about wearing shorts around the house because of his hairy legs. She asks him to put pants on.

Then my brother sent us a picture of a sign that my 8 year old niece put on her bedroom door that said “Do NOT come in. I am crying.” because my brother didn’t buy her any sweets when he went shopping. She’s so dramatic, I love her.

The next day on Facebook my bestie posted a picture of her 2yr old daughter watching herself crying in the mirror. I laughed so hard and I’m still chuckling at this. What a character.

And then over the weekend my sister-in-law sent us a picture of my aforementioned niece with a very sad look on her face with her arm fully bandaged and in a makeshift sling made by daddy. They were play wrestling and someone fell on her poor arm… Twice. She was distraught but otherwise not seriously hurt. My poor diva angel.

So all of this made me pretty sad about not having a girl. I love how dramatic they are. My niece, in particular, is so funny with her antics. She’s full of stories.

She’s the only girl cousin. She has a brother and my other brother has a son. And my sister-in-law’s sister has two boys. In fact, in our circle of friends we only have about 4 girls out of about 15 kids. It would have been nice to help even out the playing field.

So while I’m excited and relieved I did experience sadness at not having a little daddy’s girl. I mentioned to N about being a little bummed and all he said was “Hey, you never know, Lucky Bean could be a big diva too.”


12 thoughts on “Thought’s on Lucky Bean’s Gender

  1. I was bummed about not having a girl too when we found out the gender. Now just yesterday I told my hubby how if our last embryo is another boy i would be thrilled. Lol. U are going to LOVE having a mommas boy 💙

  2. He’s so right!! My nephew is definitely a diva! Congrats on a baby boy! Is this the first you’ve mentioned it? If not, I missed something lol. I definitely wanted a girl, and was so thrilled when we found out that’s what it was! As for our next baby…on one hand I’d love a boy, so we can have one of each. On the other, I’d love another girl, because I love my sister and I already know what to do with girls lol. Either way, we’ll be happy with whatever is given to us!! Congrats again!

  3. A baby boy! How exciting! I say, keep sharing your stories and don’t worry if they bring anyone down. You aren’t forcing anyone to read it. It’s their choice on whether or not they want to stop, catch up, leave a note or a like. Don’t hold back…your little boy will live the same way – all boy, not holding back!

  4. Boys are great! So full of energy and hilarious. My boy is 6 months and he doesn’t stop moving. He wants to be crawling but can’t quite figure it out yet. He is also a very cuddly baby and loves nothing better than snuggles with mum.

    I had a gender preference for a boy because I saw myself as a boys mum and had intuition that bub was a boy and I was right! We do want a second and I am torn, another boy would be awesome, but so would a girl! But deep down I know that I will get excited no matter what 🙂

  5. Something about the bond between a boy and his mama has been an unexpected and truly treasured gift. When the little one arrives they just become this incredible little person and suddenly the only gender you could ever imagine or desire ❤️

  6. I really wanted a boy too, but I had a slight moment of “oh” when we found out we were having a boy and not a girl. But I’m telling you, boys are brilliant! I’m so happy to have a son. You will love it!
    I also think any of us who’ve been through so much with infertility and loss deserve to be able to be happy and share our happiness. Be happy! Your son is on the way! Xx

  7. We’re having a boy too! I went through exactly the same cycle, wanting a boy, then finding out and thinking ahhh girls are amazing. But really I’m just over the moon to have a baby. I know how tortuous those first 12 weeks are. Try to keep busy if you can to make the time pass quicker. Do you have sickness/nausea? Oh and by the way it’s best to wait to use the at home Doppler. A friend lent me hers and I tried it at 10 weeks and didn’t hear anything and couldn’t help panicking. Then (through a feat of willpower) I banned myself from using it until after our next ultrasound at 12 weeks. And then I heard the HB. It also takes a bit of practice. I found useful videos on YT. XXX

  8. I have to say that I always had a (small) preference for a boy, from back when we first started trying (back in those innocent days.) I can honestly say I’ve never once had thoughts about wanting a girl, even after finding out McLovin was a boy and after he arrived. He is just so fun and I love him dearly. I’m certain you will be just as satisfied with a little boy, the relationship is truly amazing.

  9. Ahh I wanted a girl! Found out at 20 weeks we were having a boy and must admit I cried a little bit! Now all I want is a brother for him, so it’s probably going to end up being a boy this time! And trust me, boys can be just as funny as girls – my little one’s reaction to women with make-up on is hilarious (I gave up on it after having him)… he shouts “uck” which is his word for “yuck” and tries to wipe it off! you can’t make it up! x

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