I’m not very religious. We’re going through some stuff now. Jesus and I. I’ll cover that another time but for now just know that that’s where I stand.

I was raised in the church, though. Baptized, confirmed, Sunday school, etc. And my mom is still very much in the church. She’s the only reason I still have my toe in the Christianity pool. But I digress.

Every morning I drive by a Church that has one of those signs outside. Not saying when the next service is. It usually says something inspirational or thoughtful. Sometimes they’re random and I can’t use any of it but sometimes somehow when I’m in the most turmoil I’ll get a sign that speaks to me specifically and really helps me.

During the course of these last 4 cycles (The first cycle I was at my old job on a different route) I’ve actually come to rely on this sign and it feels really good when it has something that I can use to get me through whatever it is I need to get through.

Honestly I can’t remember the ones that stuck out to me over the years but on the day of my beta I drove up to the clinic in a complete daze. Teary eyed and stressed out and I wasn’t even thinking of the sign and when I saw it, it was exactly what I needed to see. Nothing original, just simple and it helped me so much. I felt so much better and calmer after that. It was like it was saying, “Don’t worry fam, I got you”.

I saw it everyday up until last Thursday with our ultrasound. It’s like they changed it right when I didn’t need it anymore. The message that’s on it now doesn’t really pertain to me. I’m going to go ahead and say it’s up there for someone else who might need it.

I’ll leave the message here for anyone who might need it.

Happy Tuesday friends.


8 thoughts on “Signs

  1. So I have the exact same thing happening in my life to! There is a church sign that we drive past every day and it’s messages are so positive and uplifting. We love them! And we also know if we ever decide to attend a church, it’ll be that one!

  2. I’m a hopeless sign seeker too. I get these daily bible versus via email from colleagues, its one of those send on type of things, but it nice and i desperately hold on to every scripture during some vital part in my cycle or before a procedure or meds or something. I feel stupid afterward coz like u so desperately believe u know? and yeah, totally get u with jesus and i not being the best of buddies right now, i reckon hes given up on me and my bipolar-ness towards my faith. one moment praying, next asking why i was forsaken. its my groundhog really, based on hope and failure and where i am in the cycle day of desperation really. but i think back to my failed fresh IVF, i got the scarf from israel, knelt at my bedside, annoited my belly and forehead and heart with the annointing oil from israel and held my bible and prayed and cried out to god to bless us and the scripture i opened to was dual interpretation. Psalm 127. Literally i opened the bible to that verse, it was so flipping freaky, it was my sign! if you read the verse, its kinda weird. but i focused only on the line “kids are a reward from god” so i believed the IVF would work. BS, it failed even after my “sign” but now i realize and I interpret it to mean that the IVF would fail as only god would give us the fruit of the womb and us waking early and going for scans etc was in vain, buuuut, then again, like i said, im a sign seeker, it was probably fluke and meant nothing.

  3. I like today’s message! There was a church near me back home that often had a sign up and I thought some of the messages were really good. Can’t remember them right now though. I’m glad the signs spoke to you at the time you needed it most!

  4. Funny how God (regardless of where you are in your relationship with Him) always finds a way to reassure you. He works in amazing ways! Happy to hear that you a message you weren’t seeking out, spoke to you.
    How are you feeling, btw?

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