Update on Lucky Bean

This has been the longest week of my life but I’m glad it’s over. But yesterday was nothing like I imagined it.

On Monday we had an horrendous PIO ordeal. N had to inject me 3 times. The first time he hit a nerve and the second there was blood. The third was fine but resulted in the worst bruise. He pleaded for me to call the nurse to find out if there’s something we could do. I eventually called on Wednesday and she said we would draw blood to check my progesterone and if it’s high enough we can stop. Of course I would do a gazillion more shots if it meant this would end happily but I’m not going to lie, I definitely dread PIO time now. Both of us do.

Wednesday, I must have cried a million times. My symptoms had all but disappeared and I took a pregnancy test and although the test line popped up immediately it was lighter than the control. N only got home after 9 so I was stuck in my head for most of the evening. When he got home I asked him if he wasn’t afraid that there would be nothing there. He simply said No. There was no reason for him to  be afraid. His only fear was that there would be twins lol. I’ve never met anyone going through infertility more opposed to the idea of twins.

Thursday both of us were up ridiculously early. Thankfully my symptoms came back in full force. I felt very calm. We were just sitting around for a while so we just decided to go in early. Good thing we did because traffic was atrocious and we got there with minutes to spare.

The ultrasound tech A came running out at 10 and said she has been waiting all morning for this. As we walked in with her she said she was so excited to see my name on the OB ultrasound list :). I love that they get so involved. As I was getting ready N was talking to her about recording the scan for family and she said sure but to let her first see what’s going on, just in case. She told me that she would be able to see right away so she wouldn’t leave me in suspense.

As soon as she put the probe in we saw the black circle. She said Awww loook. But I just saw the circle. She said N could go ahead and record and when she adjusted everything came into view perfectly.

I thought I would cry instantly (I’m welling up a bit now) but I think I was in disbelief. Lucky bean wasn’t moving or wiggling and I couldn’t see a heartbeat so I wasn’t breathing. Was A lying to us about everything being perfect?

She said that I was 7 weeks 5 days but this baby wants to be 8 weeks. She said it was the best looking baby she’d seen that day. I’m sure she says that to everyone but it made my day. The more she gushed the more relaxed I felt. She took loads of pics. Showed us the yolk sac which looked like a balloon that our little Pennywise was holding.

Then she showed us the heartbeat. So tiny. So perfect. We couldn’t hear it but there it was. I couldn’t stop smiling.

Everything else was good. No swollen ovaries. No SCH. Just the luckiest bean there ever has been.

Afterwards we met with L. One of our team nurses. I recognized the voice and she said we spoke on the phone before. She just went over all the pictures and answered our few questions. I’m an idiot. I forgot to write down all the questions I had and I just remembered another one. I’m going to have to call again. Anyway, after a longish discussion we were pretty much sent on our way with our pics and a handshake.

No chorus line. No fireworks. But it felt good. Certainly bittersweet like people describe but I think I kept my relationship with everyone very professional so even though I’d been there for almost 2 years I didn’t form any unbreakable bonds with anyone. I was sad that I didn’t see my RE or L my main nurse. I’m going to pop her an email later. She’s been with me since day one. We’ve only seen each other face to face twice but I’d really like to express my eternal gratitude even though she wasn’t my nurse with this successful round.

We also told pretty much everyone. Still missing N’s grandad, his brother on his mom’s side and he’s step dad and his aunts and uncles. But pretty much everyone on my side knows. And I told my boss this morning. He was very happy an excited. I still couldn’t say the words, I just said that our last round of IVF worked. We talked for a bit about symptoms etc etc and he just kept saying “That’s awesome… that’s awesome”.

So that’s where we are now. Oh after work yesterday I called my beloved OB to make and appointment and just as I suspected he doesn’t do prenatal care. They told me I could meet with anyone else at the office (Dr G and two midwives). You’ll remember Dr G from my awful OB post. I made an appointment with one of the midwives but they said that I would meet with all of them eventually because anyone could be there when I give birth… Uh, no thank you.

I have 2 other options for OB offices. One, my friend B recommended had midwives but I don’t like the OB’s. Dr Y was one of them, also from my awful OB post and I don’t want to be stuck with her at go time. My last option seems to be where I’m going to go but they don’t have midwives. I don’t know. I’m going to see what N thinks.

I still can’t believe I’m having this problem, though. Struggling to choose prenatal care… Me… Shitty egg girl.

It’s difficult to describe my feelings now. I feel like there are too many to process all at once. Thankfully I have years of infertility training to help.

Just one day at a time.

27 thoughts on “Update on Lucky Bean

  1. Yesssssss!!!!!

    Sooooooo happy!

    Isn’t it crazy that you have this reaction that is nothing like the one you thought you would always have?? I pictured the moment so many times, and when I got there, it was nothing like what I had pictured. Pure shock, just like you said.

    Also ❤ pennywise and the balloon! Lol

  2. Aww, Lucky Bean! I’ve been waiting for this post and it just made my whole day! About when do you think you’ll see the OB for your visit/next ultrasound? I bet LB doesn’t stop moving by that point. We saw Sweet Pea make the tiniest jump at the 8 week appointment and by the 10 week one he was wiggling and dancing all over the place; he even opened his palm and we could see all five fingers on one of his hands. You aren’t far from that! Congrats! ❤

  3. Yaaay!!! So pleased for you! As you say just one day at a time. It becomes easier to process day by day. I’m now at 13 weeks and its starting to sink in now. XXX

  4. So excited for you guys! I know I have said it a million times already lol.
    Oh, and my husband was not for twins either, even after all the IVFs and losses. I really wanted them (initially) but in all honesty, I am thankful we had just one! Im sure twins are a double blessing and people make it work, but girl let me tell u…they must be saints!! 😜😜

  5. Awww I was crying reading this! So happy for you! I always held my breathe until I heard that heartbeat! I’m glad you have prenatal obstetric care problems, but sad that you do on the same coin. I never shopped around for an OB, I think I was lucky when it came to who delivered Aviana in the end, but knowing it was someone I liked made it so much more relaxing, it is really important to find a good practice on not rely on luck of the draw when it comes to go day. Hark listen to me going on…I’m just so excited for you!
    PIO SUCKS! I’m sorry!!!!

  6. Yay!! I know that feeling. It’s the part when they don’t tell you yet – and ours always took ages to say whether it was good news or bad news. Your next scan will be amazing! Everything changes so quickly and LB will look like a real Baby in no time! So happy for you. Xx

  7. Wow!! So so happy for you 🙂 congratulations I remember how it feels and at the time it was such a surreal feeling…i remember mentally always trying to prepare myself for the worst before a scan just in case but deep down feeling happy and excited I think all the pregnancy hormones agreed with me much better than the ivf ones and once these 2 babies stuck I was pretty mellow. I wish you and this lucky bean all the best 🙂

  8. Yay! I have been so in and out I don’t even know that I realized this was happening. But Congrats! So happy to hear things are going well! Sending you hugs and wishes for a smooth and happy pregnancy ❤

  9. Congrats!!! So happy for you! Hope everything goes well with your pregnancy and little bean comes out perfect!

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