You guys!

Sasha and Malia Obama were conceived by IVF??!!!


My friend sent me this article yesterday morning and I refused to believe it but here it is. I’m still hesitant to post this in case someone comes out to say that it’s fake. I know (and love) that celebrities are coming out and opening up about IVF and fertility struggles. It’s just awesome.

And for me, personally, I like that it’s come nicely on the heels of news of the new royal baby.




5 thoughts on “You guys!

  1. I was very thankful she was honest about that. It helps when people in the public eye can bring attention to infertility. I think it helps the conversation along and makes it less stigmatized. I am always thankful when I see it (although I still would wish it on no one)!!

  2. It’s not fake! Apparently Michelle writes about it in her memoir. I was totally surprised but happy to hear about it. It’s always great to bring infertility into the open! I get the impression that loads of celebrities have to get help conceiving but keep it a secret. Even though there shouldn’t be anything to be ashamed about.

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