Chug chugging along


(Saturday Oct 26)

Meds: 300iu Gonal-f , 150iu Menopur
Notes: estrogen=64.44; LH=6.12; progesterone=0.387; lining=5.4mm; Left Ovary=11.8mm; Right Ovary=12mm

Yikes! Almost forgot to do shots tonight. It was just a lazy day. I tried to clean out old toys but it’s such a mammoth undertaking. I gave up and watch tv all day.

I’m feeling a bit of bloat when I lay on my stomach. Hopefully tomorrow there’ll be some decent growth.

Emotional: I’m trying to be positive.

Physic: sleepy and sluggish

Food: Some creamy chicken breast thing with cauliflower.

2 thoughts on “Chug chugging along

  1. Ok not related to your cycle…but I’ve been working on clearing out old toys for MONTHS!!! It’s a horrible task. I try to sell stuff on Facebook Marketplace or in my mom groups, but toys can be tough. I also know that between what they’ve grown out of, what they don’t use, and what I got them for Christmas, some stuff has GOT to go!! And why are baby/toddler toys so BIG!?!?
    Anyway…hope you have a good appointment tomorrow!! Fingers crossed!

    • It’s awful!! I’m just about to pick up the task again. Market place isn’t good for toys, you’re right. I’ve joined a few “free stuff” groups in the area. I’m about to start posting.
      Thanks, I saw a few follicles on the scan but waiting for final results on the portal.

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