No Hotcakes For You


DAY 7 – Monitoring Day
(Sunday Oct 27)

Meds: 300iu Gonal-f , 150iu Menopur
Notes: estrogen=196.1; LH=2.91; lining=6.1mm; Left Ovary=10.8mm, 8.4mm; Right Ovary=10.5mm, 9.0mm, 8.5mm, 7.9mm, 8.5mm

So my right ovary is on a roll right now. As you know, she’s usually the slacker. And the tech had trouble finding the left one too which is new.

The tech was great, as usual, (it’s the same one who watches Game of Thrones) and she helped pick up my mood. She first read my name completely wrong and kept giggling about it throughout the scan. I’ll have to write more legibly next time. And then we talked about tiling woes. We’re both doing tiling jobs right now. I felt good after the scan even though it was really painful. I think my left ovary is directly above my uterus (I think. It feels like it) and she was pushing really hard to see it. I hope this won’t be a problem come retrieval time. It’s never been an issue though.

After these weekend monitoring appointments I usually stop by the McDonalds (I know, I know) after for big breakfasts for us. Unfortunately, this time they FORGOT THE HOTCAKES!!! It was so disappointing but probably the universe telling me to stick to better food choices.

Anyway, back on Tuesday for another scan. Still no Ganirelix added. I’m trying to figure out when retrieval will be. At first I thought Friday but now I’m thinking Sunday or Monday. But only time will tell!

Emotional: Having a good day today despite the lack of hotcakes.
Physic: Feeling sharp pains in the abdomen and I’m bloaty.
Food: Hotcake-less McD’s breakfast and I’m going to make beef stew for dinner on this rainy day.

2 thoughts on “No Hotcakes For You

  1. This is always one of the toughest parts, trying to figure out when you will trigger. I feel like the uncertainty in general is just so damn exhausting. I know you’ve been feeling down a lot this cycle, and I’m sorry for that. I’ve been feeling down a lot lately too and it just sucks, especially when you’re vulnerable and want to be feeling strong and capable. Usually I love this time of year but there have just been very few bright spots as we continue to slog through crap I don’t want to be doing. Try to plan something fun to get your mind off of the cycle and don’t be too down on yourself if you need to go through the motions for a little while. I’m sending you lots of love & luck. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Thank you for your sweet words! I am feeling very down and work isn’t helping and today’s appointment wasn’t that great either. I’ll write about it tonight. I have therapy after work. Hopefully that will help. But thank you. You’ve made me feel not so alone and I’m sorry you’re feeling down as well. xxx

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