Follicle Watch: Episode 1

So I had my first follicle check this morning bright and early at 6am. Right now, I’m on 150iu of Gonal F and 75iu of burny Menopur. I feel pretty normal, a little dizzy right after injections and I’ve been sleeping like a champ, it’s awesome! No other symptoms but I’m on 3 days of shots in so…

The tech said I have a bunch of little ones and she was smiling so that was good. I was on lunch when the nurse called so couldn’t write everything down. Let’s see if my old battered brain can remember what she said.

So, my estradiol  is at 104, I have 5 on my left and 4 on my right but I don’t remember the sizes (shocking). They’re upping my meds to 225iu of Gonal F and 150iu of Menopur until my next check on Friday.

*** I wrote the above yesterday… Here’s the rest after taking the first increased dosage ***

The increased dosage I took like a champ. It’s starting to get easier. Still no symptoms just headaches I guess, but I always have random headaches. I can feel stuff on my left and right side on and off but I am starting to freak out a little.

Anyway, so I have to refill my prescription, obviously, since I’ll run out of Menopur on Saturday. I’m on the phone with the insurance and as we stand now, they have my order but have to put approve it first. It’s extremely time sensitive and I’m on tenterhooks right now and can’t really concentrate on anything else and we’re pretty busy at work.

Other than that, so far so good. I go back tomorrow for a second follicle check. I can’t believe how fast this is going. The 10 days of stimulation will be over on Tuesday. Really? This is nuts, guys.

7 thoughts on “Follicle Watch: Episode 1

    • Oh wonderful! How did it go? It’s going so quickly. I haven’t had time to fully grasp what’s going on. It’s so weird, we’ve been on this first ivf round since July (slow moving dr’s) so we’ve had ample time to mentally prepare but I’m not prepared at all. It keeps hitting me harder with every shot. haha. I’ve excited for you too!! Hope you’re resting up nicely. xx

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