Follicle Watch: The Finale

Estrogen: 2876

Right Side: 9 follicles
Left Side:10 follicles no sizes mentioned but at the ultrasound the tech said I had some 21’s and 19’s and 17’s.

We finally made it… I trigger tonight at 8:30pm. I’ll be doing the following: 150iu Gonal F and 150iu of Menopur and the hCG. The hCG shot is the one with the thick needle that goes into my ample booty. For once I’m happy about my giant bedonkadonk. The nurse says it was a great cycle and I’m crazy excited. Retrieval is on Friday morning so I’ll have a nice long weekend too. Thanks little baby follies for playing along. So proud.

happy-dance- My heart melted a little when my husband said he was excited too. He’s emotions are difficult to gauge most times but I have written proof on my phone now so that’s nice :).

11-5-2014 5-16-32 PM


Now if only this day would end, so I can go home. 40min left. tick tock!

3 thoughts on “Follicle Watch: The Finale

  1. Woooooo! Go follicles go! That’s a great number. Haha good job getting proof–my husband also does not wear his emotions on his sleeve. Plus he talks in this monotone voice, so even when he says he’s excited it sounds like he’s not.

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