The doctor went with the HCG trigger in the end. But he did want me to do it subcutaneously and not in the butt-tocks *Forest Gump voice*.

I just did it and now I’m under the covers watching The Affair. Probably not the best choice if I’m to be relaxed because this shit has my blood boiling.

Anyway, thus ends my second IVF cycle. I was beyond excited when I left the clinic. I chatted to my right ovary and the 2 follies grew to 17 and 18 mm. So proud. I think we’ll have less eggs at retrieval than last cycle since we’re holding steady at 10 follicles but I’m feeling good about their quality since they were all about the same sizes give or take a mm or 2.

Tomorrow is going to be a long ass day at work. Sigh. Thank you all for hanging in there with me and praying and cheering. I feel like we go through these cycles together so I know you’re all right there with me on the edge of your seats and it means the world to me.

Day 11, IVF 2:
HCG Trigger

E2: 3278. Nurse said to take ohss preventative measures just in case.
LH: 1.1
Progesterone: 1.4
Lefty: 8 the biggest is at 22mm
Righty: 2 fighters 17mm and 18mm

A little dizzy.


Bacon wrapped boneless chicken thighs stuffed with jalapeños and cream cheese and cheese and cheese.

Moment of Zen:
A little rude but I lol’d. Poor smeagle.


12 thoughts on “Trigger!

  1. Go follies go!!! I’m so excited for you my friend! I’m feeling really good about this cycle of yours! And my gaaawd, that dinner of yours sounds incredible!!

  2. You’re so lucky to not have had to do that shot in the butt! Really one of the scariest moments of my life lol. Good luck, can’t wait to hear how retrieval goes!

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