Be Kind

Most of my time at the office is spent with me sitting in my cubicle and only leaving to go to the bathroom, heat up my lunch or pop into my boss’s office to ask a question. Sounds pretty sad, huh? But it’s not all bad. I find it a bit stressful to venture to parts of the building that I don’t know. I know my cubicle. It’s safe in my cubicle.

Yesterday, I didn’t bring any lunch so I knew I would have to traverse the halls to the culinary school’s restaurant to get food. To get there I would have to walk through the cafeteria and brave the high school lunch crowd. There would be teachers I would have to greet. I would have to go by the administrators’ offices and possibly say hi to whomever is there. And finally I would have to make my order and wait at the restaurant and avoid eye contact until it’s ready. If you suffer from even a little bit of social anxiety, you’ll appreciate why I stood at the entrance to my cubicle phsycing myself up for 15minutes.

But boy, was I surprised. Walking up the stairs two teachers waved and yelled, “Hi D!”… Half way through the cafeteria one of the guidance counselors shouted “Hey D! So nice to see you again!”… I got waves from all 4 secretaries as I made my way past the main offices and when I stepped into the restaurant, I got a big grin and a nod from the Principal eating lunch across the way.

To say that my day was made was an under statement. The icing on the cake was obviously the awesome cheeseburger but also on the way back I ran into another administrator who talked to me for a few minutes about my hair!

My point is this. Sometimes when I walk around places looking at the faces around me, I think, wow, nobody knows what I’m going through right now. No one knows that I have a belly full of eggs. No one knows that I can’t have babies. I wonder who else is going through something difficult. Peoples’ faces don’t give away their life story. Mine certainly didn’t yesterday, or any other day for that matter. But the fact that everyone was genuinely kind to me was something that I absolutely needed and they will never know how much it meant to me.

You can never tell what someone is going through in their lives. A simple smile or kind word could save someone’s life or at the very least make their day. I know we see memes about this stuff all the time but now I’ve experienced this first hand and I’m very very happy to be surrounded by such kind people.

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