The End is Nigh

Well, I did it. I am unstoppable! Haha. Took the shot in my car outside the clinic before the sun had come up. I felt like I was doing something shady and illegal. But I did it!

I’m to head back there tomorrow and hopefully that’ll be the last of it. They said I could potentially trigger tomorrow. Just in time. I’m actually okay with a trigger tomorrow or Thursday because if it’s tomorrow, I’ll get the day off on Friday. If it’s Thursday it’ll give my right ovary a bit more time to catch up. Still only 2 measurable follies.

They’re also lowering my dose for tonight’s shots. Part of me is like noooo! My right follie needs more love! But I must trust that they know what they’re doing. The doctor was also  talking about a Lupron trigger this time? I did an HCG trigger last time. Does anyone have any stories about a Lupron trigger, perhaps? I read that they use a Lupron trigger if you’re at risk for OHSS. My E2 is 2500+. Doesn’t seem risky to me yet but again. Trust. But yeah, if you have a Lupron story please share.

Here’s to my righty catching up! Come on girly!

Day 10, IVF 2:
200iu Gonal F
75iu Menopur
1 syringe Ganirelix

E2: 2500+
LH: Not given
Lefty: 8 the biggest is at 18.5
Righty: 2 fighters 12.5mm and 15mm

Sore boobs today.
Nausea was at fever pitch this morning.

Nerves are kicking in. What if’s are everywhere. Sigh.

left over cottage pie

Moment of Zen:


10 thoughts on “The End is Nigh

  1. So when I did my last retrieval cycle, they told me that it depends on your follies which trigger they have you use. They said HCg is sort of like a bigger “oomph”, a harder hit on your follies. They said that the Lupron is gentler, and would use it if there is a big number of large follies. But they said it depends on the situation, and really on the Dr as well. I don’t know if that helps you, but that’s what they told me! They did tell me that the Lupron is a much smaller needle and given in the belly, as opposed to the huge needle given in the butt for the HCg! Good luck!

  2. I used a trigger similar to Lupron (decapeptyl) as opposed to hCG because of my estrogen levels (20,000 and no I did not accidentally add an extra zero) I was high risk for OHSS. All the best, you’re in the home stretch!

  3. Whoop whoop you did it!!!! Congrats!! It’s amazing what the human body will do under pressure!! Do you think you Will you be giving yourself anymore injections voluntarily?

    I’m not sure about Lupron v HCG – but if it means one less injection in the butt that’s got to be a good thing in my books!!

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