Family Day & Funny Dreams


(Sunday Nov 6)

Meds: 300iu Gonal-f , 150iu Menopur 

Notes: estrogen=26.49; LH=4. 68; progesterone=0.226; lining=4.9mm; antral follicles=13 

I had a very strange dream last night that I was at my clinic just waking up from my retrieval. Nate was sitting on the bed next to me and what looked like most of my clinic’s staff were seated in the room around me. My new RE, my old RE and my nurse were all there as well. Then a bird flew in through the window and gave a note to my nurse (wth!) and she opened it and said “Oh it’s from the PGD lab”.

The note said that they would be closed for Thanksgiving so I wouldn’t get my results until after that weekend but they can let me know the 2 of the 3 embryos are brother and sister.

Everyone cheered and hugged but my RE said that we shouldn’t get too excited because  we don’t have the results yet but so far so good.

And then I woke up.

Now I don’t think dreams mean anything. I used to but I haven’t been able to find a correlation between dreams and reality in my life yet so I think it’s just a manifestation of what’s on my mind at the time. I just thought I’d write it down and I especially thought the bird was a nice touch. Thanks brain :).

We spent the day with N’s family today. His gran had a heart attack this week and we went to see her with his mom and his 2 aunts. She’s doing well, his gran. She looked good today,  just tired. They’re just trying to get her medication doses in order before she can go home.

We spent most of the afternoon at the hospital chatting and joking around and then we all went to IHOP for a late brunch. I did have half a pancake at IHOP because I think it’s illegal to not have a pancake at IHOP… It is illegal… Trust me. 🙂

On the stim side of things. While I was driving today I felt a sharp pain on my right side. I really really hope that’s my lazy right ovary getting her ass in gear for once.


Emotional: The tingly right ovary is making me excited!

Physical: Every present nausea and dizziness. Please make it stop.

Food: Boiled egg for breakfast. 2 Scrambled eggs, 2 sausages and half a pancake for late lunch. Too full for dinner.


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