Chatty Day


DAY 5 – Monitoring Day
(Tuesday Nov 8)

Meds: 300iu Gonal-f , 150iu Menopur 

Notes: estrogen=651.6; LH=2.7; progesterone=0.3; Left Ovary=10.5, 10.3, 10.3, 10, 9.2; Right Ovary=Champion! 10.4, 10.1

She did it! My right ovary finally has something measurable at our first appointment. I’m so happy. And they’re comparable to the Left.  Well done you! If you find yourself having a drink tonight, please toast to my fighter ovary. So proud.

Just a quick story. My clinic has two doors to get into the building. In between the two doors is just a holding area I guess. Anyway, the first door always seems to be open but the second door to get inside opens at 6:27am and there’s always a group of women huddling in the holding area waiting for the second door to open. Sometimes the group is chatty. Sometimes the group is quiet and buried in phones. Sometimes it’s just me. The area is very small so you can feel everyone’s energy and I think sometimes we’re all just hoping someone will be chatty so that we don’t have to be in our own heads. That’s my thought anyway.

Today was a chatty day, thankfully. It’s been a while. Two young ladies. One doing her first IVF after 2 failed IUI’s. She was there for hopefully her last check to see if she could trigger. The other was I think in the middle of her cycle. I didn’t get which cycle it was but I think she’s a lifer like me. I walked into the 2 of them discussing something and I found myself joining with the vet and telling stories and giving advice. What struck me was how jovial she was. She’d mentioned that the doctors didn’t give her much hope but she was here giving it her all. Everything that came out of her mouth was with a smile. She was really funny too. I admired her. I like when people speak candidly about infertility. It makes it seem less taboo-ish, I think.

Anyway, there’s no real point to that story. I just wanted to remember her and the fact that she brightened my day.

Emotional: Still feeling good. Clinging to the happy.

Physical: Every present nausea and dizziness. Please make it stop. Let’s add tiredness. Probably because I’ve been up since 4.

Food: 2 Boiled eggs for breakfast. Turkey sandwich minus the bread for lunch. Keto chicken patties and stir fried veggies for dinner.

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