As much as I’m loathed to use the “word” adulting, it is what I did this past week and today and I couldn’t think of another A word.

First… I had my first mammogram this morning. That’s pretty adult right? Putting my health first and what not.

I’ve of course heard that this procedure was extremely painful so I practiced all morning squeezing my boobs in preparation. I’m a little weird. But boob squeezing is absolutely not the same.

Basically and really quickly, they take 2 pictures of each breast. One squeezing it flat and one squeezing it an angle. The whole process is over in 5 minutes. I wouldn’t say it was painful but the angle squeeze was the worst. It’s mostly just awkward trying to stand comfortably while your boob is trapped. Also you’re not allowed to breathe while they’re taking the pictures so you’re standing at an awkward angle, holding on to the machine for dear life while your boob is in a vice grip and if you fall it would assuredly be ripped off. Trying to not lose my boob from an ill fated fall while not breathing is not easy. I’m sure it was funny to look at.

But all in all while it was an unpleasant few minutes, it only  has to be done every 5 years (I believe) and it’s over in a flash. Let’s just say, I’d rather do 5  mammograms than to do one uterine biopsy.

My other big adult thing. I bought my first car!

Okay, I’ve owned cars before of course. But my parents bought by first two and this last one was N’s that I inherited  that died two weeks ago. So I was very excited and scared to make this big purchase. My first big purchase.

Scary because of the responsibility. Excited because I never own nice things. Scary because I don’t own nice things because I’m a breaker. Excited because I can drive faster. Scary because I can drive faster.

Anyway, it took some waiting but we finally picked it up yesterday and I’m still a bit nervous to drive it. It’s been raining and snowing all weekend too and I’ve only driven it with N next to me. I think I’m nervous because I’ve been so bad luck with cars. I don’t want to ding it.

I’m the type of person who buys new clothes and lets it sit in the closet until it’s not so new before I wear it so I guess I don’t really want to drive this car until it’s been in the driveway a little longer. Isn’t that weird?

I’m weird. I’m a weird adult.

4 thoughts on “Adulting

  1. Congrats on the car! What did you get? And I guess congrats on making it through your first mammogram…Is that appropriate to say!?!? Good luck with your alphabet blogging!

  2. That’s cool about the new car! Good that you didn’t find the mammogram too bad. I haven’t gotten one yet, must ask my doctor at what age here you’re meant to start getting them. I guess I was lucky as I didn’t find my uterine biopsy too bad at all. Just uncomfortable.

    • You are very lucky lol. But I have a very low pain threshold so there’s that lol. My dr said 40 is the age but we he said it’s a good idea to get a baseline one done at 35 so you have something to compare the next one to.

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