Phase III

Just a quick update We’re in the last leg now, my friends. 4 more sleeps!

I started progesterone yesterday morning. I had hoped that I would be required to start anytime in the morning. That way N could do it before I head to work. But alas, I had to start around 9am. That meant I had to ask the school nurses (thank goodness for that option) and allow 2 more people into this infertility circle.

I usually do my butt shots while standing. I don’t know why, I just felt better that way. But this morning she made me lie down and it was actually not bad. I think we’ll do them this way going forward.

So she did ask me if I was trying to get pregnant and I just said yes. I’ll give you two guesses on what she said about her fertility but I’m sure you’ll only need one :). If you guessed that her husband just looks at her and she’s pregnant, you would be correct. This one didn’t bug me, I was just super grateful that she did the shot for me.

N did the shot this morning while I was lying down. It wasn’t quite as quick and easy as the nurse’s. Some of the progesterone leaked out. Has anyone had this happen? N was very freaked out about it. I did a google search and it seems okay but I think we’ll go back to me standing shots. He seemed really shaken.

Nothing else to report on the FET front. I was supposed to post this yesterday but life got in the way which I’ll explain in my first April blog challenge post in a little bit.

4 more sleeps dudes… 4 more sleeps!

12 thoughts on “Phase III

  1. A hand full of times when I did my PIO shots (I did them myself, B almost passed out the first time I had him try, he’s afraid of needles!) it would bleed afterwards. I’m guessing probably a bit of the Progesterone probably leaked out as well? Not entirely sure though. I’m sure you will be fine though. I did mine sitting on the couch, I would ice the area for about 5 minutes beforehand and always applied pressure for a few seconds afterwards. Good luck!!!

  2. We always did mine laying down, I preferred it over standing. More relaxed. I would curl the leg up towards me that wasnt being shot while laying. As for leaking, Im not sure. I think hubby would be too nervous to tell me 😜😜
    How exciting you are almost there!!!!

  3. I always did my prog shots lying down too. It juat worked better that way. Once or twice some leaked out. Do hubby would just leave the needle in an extra few seconds to make sure it was empty and that worked well. I wouldn’t worry about some leaking out. I hope you find a method that works for you!

  4. why do people say that?? that is the most annoying comment to make to anyone who is struggling to fall pregnant. but yeah, I also think think wth and ignore it, i think they are just morons!

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