Just A Quick Update

So we’re halfway through the 2nd week of lock down. Next week is our last week. I’m not sure if they’ll extend it.

I’m thankful that I’m spending the majority of the first trimester at home where I can take as many breaks as necessary to lay on the bed and feel sorry for myself. But having Lucky home with me has brought it’s own set of challenges. For one, he doesn’t nap. So from around 2pm he’s pretty much impossible. I’ve taken him on snooze cruises in the car but I don’t feel comfortable doing that anymore and he tends to wake up when I take him out of the car anyway. And when he wakes up he’s inconsolable for at least 45 minutes. Naps have been a nightmare in general. Today I’m going to try to just lay with him in a dark room. I don’t know. Part of me just wants to say eff it and let him stay awake. I don’t know.

On the other hand we’ve tried a few new things with him as well. Potty training and sleeping by himself. I’ll give you 2 guesses on which has been a total fail but you’ll only need one. Potty training worked a treat for two days. I was doing the bare butt approach and he was doing really well. But by the time the weekend rolled he just flat out refused and demanded nappies. So we gave in.

Sleeping by himself has been a dream. One night I just put a night light on for him and explained that he should try to go to sleep himself. He said he wasn’t scared and off I went and he was out within minutes. If we lay with him it takes 30 minutes to an hour to get him to fall asleep. It was wearing on us. It’s really been a breeze though. A few hiccups where he cries but it’s just for a little while then he’s out. I love it. I’ll admit that I’m a little sad that I don’t get those nighttime snuggles but this is good. It’s time.

We were talking about how he’s been through a lot this month, though. His schooling has been disrupted so he’s not getting his nap (he naps at school. I don’t know how they do it). He’s being forced to pee by himself and sleep by himself and he has to look at mom’s ugly face all day. Poor guy. So, we’re dropping potty training and just giving lots of extra hugs and not stressing out too much.

I’m also not homeschooling. I don’t know how to home school a two year old anyway. I’m sure there are sensory games we can play and learning things we can do. I was stressing about it last week but I’ve given myself a break. I’m still working full(ish) time and I’ve been terribly ill so I’m just letting him play with his toys and watch cartoons and he has his iPad time. We’re really just surviving here. We’ve gone outside maybe three times but the weather has been trash so that’s not really an option all the time. But all in all, we’re doing okay.

N is home today and right now his sitting on his dad’s lap at the computer play fighting with Cat Boy and Batman. The Secret Life of Pets 2 is on in the background and I’m on the bed with my laptop chomping on Tums and trying to figure out why my damn code isn’t working. I feel like dad is going to tap out soon and hand him over to the iPad. Let’s see how long he lasts.

My first OB appointment is set for next Friday at 10:45. They called to bring it forward from 3pm. I hope the next step isn’t cancellation but I would understand. I have a doppler here so can technically assuage my fears myself so I’m not too too worried. I can’t even be certain that they’ll be doing an ultrasound anyway.

I’m set to end progesterone and estrogen this Friday and I could not be happier. I know it’s going to be bittersweet when we get there but I can’t sit and we can’t find a spot that isn’t bruised so all shots hurts. I’m done for.

The morning sickness is I think the same like with Lucky. All day and not fun. I’ve been trying to not go hungry but I’m struggling to find things to eat. Not much else to say other than I’m trying. It’s hard but I’m trying. Again, I’m glad that I’m home so that I can lay down as often as I need. And I’ll be 11 weeks when (if) we go back to work so hopefully should be coming out of this funk. So I’m just hanging in there for now.

Actually, it’s about snack time now so I’d better wrap this up. I hope everyone is being safe out there. I know people personally who have tested positive and are very sick (not in physical contact with them). This virus is serious. There is no cure. Please stay home if you’re able.


Take care of yourselves



5 thoughts on “Just A Quick Update

  1. My boy dropped naps super early to. Daycare gets them to nap through peer pressure. We found that having quiet time was good to bridge the gap until he could really stay up until bedtime easily.

  2. How are things going now? Mini is going through an awkward stage where she seems to need a nap some days but not other days. It can be a real struggle to get her to nap but when she does she’ll nap for ages which is great when I’m trying to do home office but then she doesn’t end up going to bed till 10/11pm. Did you have your doctor’s appointment? x

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