13 ish Weeks

It’s been a truly terrible first trimester this time around. I don’t remember the morning sickness and the exhaustion being this bad with Lucky. It might also be exacerbated by taking care of Lucky by myself all day. I’ve had no energy for anything and the lock down hasn’t been helping either. But I’m starting to feel a bit more like myself and realise that mentally it’s been draining as well. Thankfully, I’ve been able to keep up with my therapy sessions virtually. I’ve still been exercising regularly. I’m doing tap and jazz classes virtually and 2 of my dance friends and I have a personal trainer that we still see virtually twice a week. I’m so glad that I’ve continued the exercising because it helps with the sickness for some reason.

This is just another random update that’s going to be all over the place because I really feel all over the place emotionally and physically.

First, I’ve been agonizing over the birth of this little one. After Lucky was born we both agreed that we would absolutely change hospitals if we were lucky enough to do this again. Changing hospitals would mean finding a new OB practice. Something I’m not too sad about. I like my current OB, Dr L. She is sweet but she doesn’t deliver at the hospital we want to move to so oh well. But I did go see her for our first OB appointment after being released from the clinic because we had Dandelion’s IVF paperwork sent to her. It was good to see her again but again, she blew through the appointment and somewhere in her fast talking she said she’d schedule me for a c-section at 39 weeks. At that point I realized that me wanting a vbac might have to be fought for a little harder than I expected. I didn’t push back or question because I figured I wasn’t going to stay with her anyway so why rock the boat. When I got home I started researching other doctors and midwives who delivered at the hospital we want to switch to. After a few days I settled on an OB who’s practice doesn’t do VBAC’s and a midwife who’s practice does do VBAC’s under certain conditions.

Truth is, I don’t know if I want to do a VBAC. But I would like the option. So I want to talk to the no VBAC OB and see what his thoughts are and how they do planned c-sections. and I want to talk to the midwife to see if I’m even a good candidate for a VBAC. I don’t know what I want yet. All I know is that I’m not afraid of a c-section. I would like to have more information going in. I would like to not have my heart set on anything in case plans change like with Lucky. I don’t want to have my heart set on a VBAC and come 37 weeks and this child is breech as well and my life is turned upside down again. I want to go with the flow.

I have been having sleepless nights about it but I think I’m okay now that I have these appointments set up. I’m meeting the midwife and Thursday and the OB the following Thursday so by next week I should have my life sorted out a bit.

I’m also battling with the usual infertility PTSD. I’ve just written 3 paragraphs about a birth plan but last night when I was laying on my stomach my boobs didn’t hurt so how do I even know that Dandelion is still okay? The constant all day morning sickness was awful but made me feel a bit more secure but now that it’s abating I’m starting to fear the worst. We have a doppler which I’ve used twice successfully but I’m afraid to use it. I’ll try again tonight because I’m feeling too good physically right now.

And lastly… corona. Sigh. I’m so lucky that I can work from home with full pay. But it’s hard. I think it’s been hard because of the all day sickness and watching Lucky by myself because N is still going in to work everyday. I mean I could stay home for the rest of my days as long as I can order take out but emotionally I worry that I’m not doing enough and I miss my friends and family. I’ve fallen into the trap of comparing myself to everyone else. I haven’t had the energy to spring clean my house. I’m too sick and tired to do arts and crafts with Lucky. I have all these projects that I want to do that I’ve just not had the energy for. We planned on potty training Lucky during this time but he’s refusing and I’m tired so fuck it. So I feel like I’ve wasted over a month of “free time”.

My therapy sessions have just been a lot of her reassuring me that I’m doing enough. Lucky is happy (albeit a bit too fond of hitting lately which we’re working on). My family is fed and most importantly, we’re all healthy. I have to remember that I’m still working full time and I don’t actually have loads of free time to catch up on projects and still take care of a toddler and deal with first trimester woes. So in the end I’ve closed the door to the room that needs all the projects done. I put the pile clean laundry that needs folding in that room too. If I don’t see it I don’t feel too guilty. I’ve hidden Lucky’s iPad because that guilt was crushing me. But I got Disney+ and he and I have been watching all the Disney movies in the background while I work and he plays. I’m doing okay. I get waves of guilt and frustration but I’m doing okay.

I think that’s it from me for now. I’ll have more to say once I get through these appointments. I hope everyone is coping well with the situation we find ourselves in. Just remember to take it easy on yourself and you’re definitely doing enough and, yes, the constant dirty dishes fucking suck!!! When will washing dishes end?! So many dishes!!! Fuuuck!


5 thoughts on “13 ish Weeks

  1. It is a wild ride. I was sick the second time around as well. Everyone told me it meant I was having a girl, NOPE

  2. Ended up with another boy šŸ’™šŸ’™ like I thought I would!

    Good luck! I was a terrible candidate for a vbac, so never really had a choice.

  3. oh gosh, I already find it impossible keeping on top of everything and I’m working reduced hours and don’t have the added exhaustion from being pregnant! Hubby and I are so busy trying to keep up with our jobs and minding Mini that we have so little time for any housework. Like we can just about manage to cook and occasionally do some laundry but it’s rare to be able to do other things. So you are doing great, try not to compare yourself! I actually went through a phase of feeling really guilty when I saw all the artsy and crafty stuff some mums are doing with their kids during this time. Like I had a thought that Mini is having a crappier childhood until I really thought about it more and realised how silly that is! Sure I don’t make ducks out of toilet rolls or come up with sensory paint projects or whatever but we go for walks and play with lego and she seems happy. I’m sure Lucky is the same šŸ™‚

    • That was my thought as well. That he’s losing out on a fulfilling childhood but he’s so happy wearing his batman mask all day and seeing him happy makes me happy. Down with toilet roll ducks lol.
      So I actually wanted start collecting empty toilet rolls to maybe do a craft. This was in April. Guess how many I’ve collected? ONE! hahahaha. I guess I’m not about that crafty life.

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