Back to Work

Welcome third trimester. Welcome restless legs and hemorrhoids. Welcome 🙂

My placenta is moving, just very slowly. The edge of it is just just covering the opening of my cervix. I’m supposed to have another ultrasound in a month but it hasn’t been scheduled yet. But again, everyone is confident that it will move in time. Yay.

They have a new protocol wrt to gestational diabetes testing. I failed the 1hr and then for the 3hr, one of the four readings (the 2nd one) was elevated. Usually if you have 2 elevated readings they diagnose you as having GD and go from there. If you have 1 then you’re all clear. Now, they want me to either repeat the 3hr or get a glucometer and test my levels for 2 weeks as if I was diagnosed with GD. I opted for the glucometer. Even though it was more expensive, I didn’t want to have to take a half day of work off to do another 3hr. I’m on day 5 now of testing. It’s been okay. I have to test 4 times a day. Fasting in the morning. Then after every meal. This means I have to eat 3 times a day now. I usually only eat twice a day and snack in between. I skip breakfast because I only get hungry around noon. Anyway, it’s not been too bad. My dad is pre-diabetic and does the tests 4 times a day as well so he gave me some good tips. The lancing is obviously the worst bit. It has settings on it for how deep you want the lance to go into your finger. I had it set at 4 and Dad said 2 is fine and it’s made a huge difference. I don’t even feel it at 2. 4 was a little traumatic. Yes, yes, I’m a woos. He also said to shake your hand vigorously before and then push down of the tip of your finger with your thumb then lance it. Works beautifully. I think I’m a pro now. Thanks Dad. The readings have been all over the place. My problem areas are fasting and after breakfast. I just have to make better breakfast choices. I usually just have cereal (Special K) and actually do feel sick after. But even then the readings are maybe 2 or 3 over the limit of 120. Or just just under. But I’m not expert. I go back next week and they’ll let me know how I’m doing.

Something new this time around (well I don’t remember it with Lucky) is restless leg syndrome. Ugh it’s the worst. The midwife suggested electrolytes and a massage which I’ve been doing but damn man. It’s no fun.

And lastly, my hemorrhoids are back! I won’t go into detail. It just sucks.

Everything else with Dandelion is good. The 3D scans I got at the placenta check were incredible. I got so so excited. He looks so much like his brother. Incredible. I have to add a Dandelion tab to this site to add the scan pics and bump pics. I’ve tried to stay on top of them weekly.

As for little Lucky, my beautiful boy. After a lot of agonizing and a lot of tears, we made the decision not to send him back to the daycare this school year. There’s just too many unknowns with this virus. My MIL has offered to watch him until I go on maternity leave which is amazing. I’m sad about it, though. I did some reflection on why I was so deeply sad and I just didn’t want him to miss out on the friendships that will be fortified with his group at the daycare. I think some of it comes from (and I realise the absurdity) me missing my friends back home. And I don’t want him to miss opportunities to make friends. But he’s only 2. He’s not going to remember these kids at all. And another part is that I hate being left out. I won’t be receiving anymore daycare emails and I won’t be in the mom click anymore. Not that I really was anyway, they’re all teachers so I was the odd one out anyway but we did have some good chats on the quick walk from the daycare to the school building.

So you see, my sadness was mostly about me and my feelings and I had to put that aside and think about the safety of Lucky and Dandy and myself.

I’m feeling better about it now, I think. Lucky will be in good hands with Grandma. We made the right decision. I feel very relieved that this is one thing off my plate.

My next big project is the hospital bag haha. Thankfully it’s actually almost done. I’m just ordered toiletries and vagina care items and that’ll be that. I bought pj’s for both N and I. I’ll be happy when that’s over with.

I also think I’ve found a photographer for a maternity shoot. I emailed her that I want to move forward but haven’t heard back yet. I’m excited but I’ll be more excited if she returns my email.

I think that’s it for now. We all go back to work full time in the building next week. I still can’t really understand that logic behind it but it is what it is. This is the only time I’m thankful that I work in the basement away from human contact and I believe we won’t be allowing anyone into our office without an appointment. Since I sit in IT we usually get visits from irate teachers and students who need machines fixed asap. It will be a quiet year, thankfully.

Okay. That’s it for now. I’m 30 weeks tomorrow. Let the fun begin I guess.

I hope you’re all taking care of yourselves.

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