Sunday Smiles

I just have one today but it’s a goodie!

I have been sllllacking on my exercising. No insanity all week. And eating crap crap crap. And yesterday I was about to continue. Mister had to a job in the morning and as he was leaving he asked me if I was going to yoga. Queue irrational anger. How dare he passive aggressively remind me that I was neglecting a goal I’d set for myself. The nerve.

So I dragged my ass off to the gym to be there for 9am and I’m so happy I did. I can’t believe I did it. I’m so proud of myself. I did the bird of paradise pose! On both sides!! Okay, I didn’t get to the pointed toe part but that’s only because I’m human.

But I did it! I did it! I even came home and showed my husband so I did it 3 times!. I did it once before last year but I’ve been struggling to get there again so I’m very happy about this. I should have taken a pic but I tried it earlier and I am stiff as all hell from yesterday hahaha.

Anyway here are some pics of the pro’s doing it. I’ll get there. I can only get to step 4 now.

9378d833424d5ef7bb158751317f0d39 bird-of-paradise

bird-of-paradise (1)

Sunday Smiles

I’m having an infertility day. We’re adding another preggo announcement to the tally. But my Sunday smile was really good news so I’m trying to focus on this instead of diving into that bottle of red wine.

Remember how I said Aetna didn’t pay the full bill for the PGD testing? Well, this week I received another claim email from them saying that they did pay the full bill!!! You guys. I cried. Reading the words “Your plan pays 100%” was… I’m sure you know the feeling.

And I can’t remember if I mentioned this but my clinic requires that you pay the coinsurance for each cycle up front before the baseline scan. So I called them to find out how much this cycle would cost me out of pocket since they’ve had a fee increase and L, the finance lady, told me that since they merged with another clinic they no longer require us to pay the coinsurance upfront. Basically, I could do the procedure and get billed later on. That is awesome! It, of course, doesn’t mean that I don’t have to save up for my cycle, but it does mean that I don’t have to save up first. It was just a nice weight off my shoulders and will give me more time to save without having to wait as long to start.

And my last little bit of good news. It comes on the back of saddish news but it still made me smile. My brother’s fiance asked me to be one of her bridesmaids! The sad part is that she had to ‘fire’ the one I’m taking over for. It’s sad because, it’s not a fun thing to have to drop a bridesmaid (I had to drop a groomsman the day before my wedding lol) but my future sister-in-law says that they weren’t gelling. So yay! I’m in! I’m so excited for this wedding I want to scream and I’m over the moon that I get to participate. I love weddings!

Okay, I have to run, my kittie is looking at me with hungry eyes and it’s almost time for Game of Thrones.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday and I wish you nothing but awesomeness this week!

Sunday Smiles


So everyone does these awesome posts where they talk about things that make them happy or blessings for the week and I want to do the same!

Welcome to Sunday Happies! I’m working on the name. It’s been a long week and my job is draining all my brain power.

We’ll start small because happiness is a little hard to come by lately… see above about my job and my poor brain. I don’t know if this is the place to complain about a job just yet but know that I’m taking steps to change my situation because I always believe that if you’re not happy then leave and if you can’t leave then drink beer.

But I digress. I only have 2 things this week that made me happy. Baby steps.

1. First, I’m always late with fashion trends. I mean late! I mean, I only started wearing boob tubes a few years ago and I’ll probably start wearing rompers in 2020. So I don’t know if these are out of fashion or if they ever were but I’m in deep love with these capri workout pants. I rarely find clothing I like and capri pants in particular are worrying because I’m 5’1″ and I feel like they’ll make me look chopped. But these make me happy. I only have 1 pair so far and I’ve been living in them. Shopping for clothing stresses me out so when I find something I like, I keep it forever. Yes, I still own clothes from university. Please excuse the lack of molding on the floor there. Our house is a fixer upper than has yet to be fixer uppered.


2. I made a diaper cake for my friend’s baby shower and I’m extremely proud of it! I’m a closet crafter. I’ll only do it when I have to but I love it. Someone else made a diaper cake too but *whisper* I think my little guy is better. Meet Julio.



doesn’t the other guy look not too happy to be at the shower? Aww Julio.

Anyway, there you have it. These are 2 things that really made me smile this week and I’m clinging to the smiles… Ooh! I think that’s a better name for this series of posts. Sunday Smiles!

If you’re wondering how the baby shower went, I think it went well. It’s my 3rd shower since we found out we’re infertile and my first shower since our BFN. I first have to mention that these two having the baby are extremely special to me. I can’t explain it but you know those friends you have who are just awesome. They’re of the first few people who we told about our troubles and the support was exactly what we needed. They fell pregnant right off the bat and she took the time to send us a very heartfelt text which I’ll never forget. They’re having a little boy and I’m a little jealous of him having the best parents lol. Anyway, I think the relationship you have with the people who are pregnant around you definitely determines how you’ll react to the pregnancy. I’m so thankful for their friendship and I’m so genuinely happy for them and not even a little sad for me. Well I could still be on a high from the party but It makes me smile. Hmm, I think that’s another thing to add to Sunday Smiles. Yay!