Sunday Smiles

I’m having an infertility day. We’re adding another preggo announcement to the tally. But my Sunday smile was really good news so I’m trying to focus on this instead of diving into that bottle of red wine.

Remember how I said Aetna didn’t pay the full bill for the PGD testing? Well, this week I received another claim email from them saying that they did pay the full bill!!!ย You guys. I cried. Reading the words “Your plan pays 100%” was… I’m sure you know the feeling.

And I can’t remember if I mentioned this butย my clinic requires that you pay the coinsurance for each cycle up front before the baseline scan. So I called them to find out how much this cycle would cost me out of pocket since they’ve had a fee increase and L, the finance lady, told me that since they merged with another clinic they no longer require us to pay the coinsurance upfront. Basically, I could do the procedure and get billed later on. That is awesome! It, of course, doesn’t mean that I don’t have to save up for my cycle, but it does mean that I don’t have to save up first. It was just a nice weight off my shoulders and will give me more time to save without having to wait as long to start.

And my last little bit of good news. It comes on the back of saddish news but it still made me smile. My brother’s fiance asked me to be one of her bridesmaids! The sad part is that she had to ‘fire’ the one I’m taking over for. It’s sad because, it’s not a fun thing to have to drop a bridesmaid (I had to drop a groomsman the day before my wedding lol) but my future sister-in-law says that they weren’t gelling. So yay! I’m in! I’m so excited for this wedding I want to scream and I’m over the moon that I get to participate. I love weddings!

Okay, I have to run, my kittie is looking at me with hungry eyes and it’s almost time for Game of Thrones.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday and I wish you nothing but awesomeness this week!

16 thoughts on “Sunday Smiles

  1. I am also in Cape Town ๐Ÿ™‚ what clinic are you with? I have been with Dr Slabbert since the start of this journey two years ago. He first worked with Aevitas but now has his own lab in Panorama Hospital. I also had a pregnancy announcement this week, my 21 year old sister, was devastated but feeling better now. I am really happy about your great news!

    • Hello!! I’m not in Cape Town anymore, but I will be in July for a bit! I live in Massachusetts now. Thanks for following my blog! I’m sorry about your sister. I mean it’s wonderful news but I’m sure you know what I mean :). I haven’t had a chance to read your blog from the beginning but I’m looking forward to following your journey. xx

      • I’ve only just started the blog and trying to update it before the next FET but in a nutshell 1 ectopic pregnancy, 3 IVFs, third time lucky with pregnancy with twins, following by a traumatic 18 week miscarriage of both babies due to incompetent cervix/infection, and another fourth IVF in April resulting in a BFN and our first FET in June. It’s been a rocky road, but I’ve still got a huge fighting spirit ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for following my blog too, I look forward to reading your story and seeing you through to your happy ending!

      • Wow! I’m amazed by your strength right now and I’m sorry for your losses. I truly hope you FET is the one that sticks around. How many our you transferring?

      • Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ Everyone says we so strong, but what you come to realise is when you go through adversity, you don’t really have any other choice but to be strong! We have 3 frozen but I am not sure how the embryologist freezes them, in one straw or split them up in two straws. I did mail our clinic yesterday asking, if he froze them all together we will have to thaw all of them and put the three back but if not we will only put two back I think. The last round we also put two back but neither of them took. When is your next round?

      • i really hope this next transfer works for you. my next round is still up in the air. either around august or early next year. I’m still licking my wounds from our first failure and saving up for my trip home then i must save again for the next round.

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