Just Five More Minutes, Mom

I’m afraid my blog is going to become decidedly boring if you’re only looking for TTC related posts. We do have a new plan for making a baby but it involves a hiatus of at least 5 months, which I’m finally okay with since I have a lot to do to prepare.

My WTF appointment went really well. He’s decided to start me on higher doses of meds (Menopur and Gonal F) in the beginning and then dropping me down after, if the need arises. That way we’re not catching up. He’s also going to make me get 2 different triggers (Lupron and a different one, I forget which) and then decide which to use based on follicle sizes at the end.

And because my insurance is as it is we have to redo some of the diagnostic tests. N’s SA, disease screening, etc. But a new test is the sonohysterogram. I’m obviously dreading this but it’s a long way away so no need to work myself up now.

I think that was all but of course, now there’s the wait. I’ve said this before but it bares repeating. My insurance only covers 2 cycles at 80%. The catch is that they count a retrieval and a transfer as two separate cycles. We had them cover our first retrieval and we paid for the transfer out of pocket. Now we’re going to repeat this process and have to save up the 20% for the retrieval and another 5ish grand for the transfer…

So there you have it. The wait is on.. again. I do have plenty of things to do in between then and now to keep myself occupied but I’m still not done hiding under the blankets. I’m not ready to start fighting yet. I think it’s because I’ve realized now how big of a fight it is. I know I can do it but it’s so much easier to stay under the blankets.

Maybe tomorrow…

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7 thoughts on “Just Five More Minutes, Mom

  1. I hope this break gives you the renewed strength you need to finish the fight. Take the time you need to stay hiding under the blankets and then go out and do something fun. But seriously?! Counting a retrieval as a separate cycle is just cruel. I hope your fight is over soon!!

  2. Sometimes wallowing in a funk isn’t the worst thing you can do, sometimes it’s a good thing. I think the trick is to pull yourself out of it before it becomes permanent.
    I hope you are able to enjoy your break, and make the most of it by doing everything you can think of that you wont be allowed to do once you start your next round of IVF.

    • It has been really good but I’m starting to not enjoy it as much. Serious tummy issues from eating too much junk. We joined the gym yesterday and I signed up for two sports this season so things are hopefully looking up. And we’re discussing some home renos we can do ourselves. I’m going t try my hardest to cut the wallowing down :).

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