Sonohysterogram and Other Updates

Well hello! I just wanted to do another quick pop in to let you know what’s going on.

I had a sonohysterogram today. It was not fun. The nurse practitioner and the sonographer were sweethearts, of course. I should have warned them that I am a big baby.

The appointment was at 11:45 but we got there at 11 which they were really happy about. I think the sono wanted to head out early today. I was hoping N could join me to hold my hand but they whisked him upstairs for his repeat SA which he was tight lipped about afterwards. He just said that they gave him the shitty room again. Ah, the mind wonders.

They did a baseline ultrasound first and had only good things to say about my uterus, which is always a strange compliment to get but I’ll take it. The NP was awesome at explaining all her steps and her attempts to make me as comfy as possible. The devil’s hand speculum was pre-warmed (whaaat?! awesome) but still hurt like a mofo going in. The catheter was even worse. The first time I had a catheter in my uterus was when I had the IUD put in a few years ago. I almost cried that time. This felt like that. Horrible cramps that I could feel in my butt and down my legs. I was given a little respite when she took the speculum out but then the wand went in. That’s too many things in my vagina. I wasn’t happy.

After that it wasn’t the worst. It hurt a little when they squeezed the saline solution in. She did 2 big syringes which she apologized profusely for. It was just unpleasant. Trying to look interested in what someone is saying while saline solution is dripping out of your nether region is quite a story. On to the results.

So there was something odd. Despite my uterus being shaped nicely. We all saw something which to me looked like a tiny wall at the end (or beginning… or top… or bottom) of my uterus that split it in two but both sections were filling up with liquid. The NP said that it looks like something but it could be nothing and the doctor will have to tell me more. Great.

And then it was over. They took everything out and had me raise my butt so they could slide another puppy pad underneath me. When I sat up it all came gushing out. I was given a bit of privacy to get dressed and use the thickest pad known to man. Great to day to be wearing a g-string huh, dummy.

I met N outside and waited a bit so he could get a few vials of blood drawn. There was a tiny mishap and he was dripping blood down his arm but a band-aid and an ice pack cleared that up right quick.

Afterwards we grabbed some lunch and ran a few errands and now I’m home not working even though I should be.


giant calzones!

I am of course Googling what I think I saw on my ultrasound. I have diagnosed myself with Asherman’s syndrome or it could just be a uterine synechia. The only reason I’m thinking Asherman’s is because my period only lasts for 2 days and there’s very little blood and those 2 days are cramp city. But those are the only 2 other symptoms. I doubt it’s that.

I have to be honest. I’m not too worried about it. It may be because whatever it is, we’ll get it sorted out. I’m not afraid of surgery or anything like that, I know that I have a great team working on this and it’ll get fixed and it’s just one step closer to a kiddo.

In other, more exciting news… I’m off to South Africa on Thursday for 3 weeks. I’m kinda bummed that I’m doing this trip solo. It’s the longest I’ll be without my dude since I came here. Kinda bummed is an understatement actually. I’m trying to cry just writing it. It’s weird bursting with excitement and sadness at the same time. I may need to up my chocolate intake.

I have to start packing right now because I don’t want to have to stress about it tomorrow as we have to leave the house at 2am on Thursday. I land at noon on Friday and then Saturday is wedding number 1. After that I’ll take the 7hr drive on Monday with my parents to Cape Town to visit family and friends until the 18th then it’s back to my home town for my brother’s wedding on the 25th. I get back here on the 28th then I’ll have my LAST THREE DAYS at my old job! Ack!!!

It’s all happening so quickly. Before I know it I’ll be starting IVF round 2. Yay! In the meantime I am going to make a concerted effort to blog more, even if it won’t be too much infertility stuff. I’ve completely abandoned my ttc instagram account. I try to pop in every now and again but I don’t feel connected to anyone there anymore and I fear when I’m ready to start a new round people will think I’m just there to take support but I wasn’t there to give support. Whatever, I like you ladies better anyway.

So there you have it. I hate that sonohysterograms are necessary. I hate that all this invasive testing is necessary, but it is and, again, it’s just one step closer to baby time.

I hope everyone is doing well. I’ll pop in again when I’m safe and surrounded by nieces and nephews. xx

27 thoughts on “Sonohysterogram and Other Updates

  1. Hope they figure out what it was that she saw. In the mean time, hope you have a fabulous trip!! I’ve always wanted to go to Africa, it’s my lifelong dream. Maybe some day!

  2. What I wouldn’t give to see the sonogram!! I hope they call you back quickly with the results. It sounds similar to what they saw right before they found my septum. My uterus always looked great and my periods were just like yours with bleeding for a day and a half with massive cramps. Have a fun and safe trip!

  3. Praying that you get encouraging news from your results. I’m glad you’re getting to go home to see your family though I understand how hard it can be to be away from DH. How exciting that your next IVF round is starting soon! Btw, I think I’m the opposite to you in IG. Im horrible at keeping up with my blog but find IG easier to manage. Oh I also found you on there if you didn’t figure it out already, lol (Infertilitywarrior003).

    • Just peeped at your instagram now. Your hair looks amazing!! Looks like I may have a polyp. It’s by no means a death sentence but I’d like to get everything over and done with already so we can start this next round. I’m going to try extra hard to enjoy this vacation in the meantime even though I’m starting to get homesick lol.

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